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W2S Net Worth

W2S Net Worth 2020

W2S is a video game commentator from the United Kingdom. The initial of W2S stands for “WroteToShaw”. He is also a popular YouTube star who owns the YouTube channel called “W2S”. He has got more than 9.7 million subscribers on YouTube and regularly uploads footage of FIFA Gameplay which includes his commentary. He began his career at a very young age of fifteen. Now let’s have a close look about net worth of W2S in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

W2S Net Worth 2020

The real name of W2S is Harry Christopher George Lewis. He was born in Guernsey, the United Kingdom on 24 November 1996. His siblings are Rosie and Josh.

Not much is known about the personal profile of Harry Lewis. There are no reports about his educational details, parents, as well as relationships. But it is known that he dropped out of school when he was 17 years old.

He currently lives with popular gamers Callux and Calfreezy, who happen to be his good friends. He has lived in Guernsey until 2014, following that he moved to London.

Career, Awards & Nominations

W2S began his career as a YouTube artist in 2012. He created the channel “W2S” in July 2012. It was created for posting footage of FIFA as well as his commentary. He used to regularly post videos on the channel which went on to become a popular channel.

With time, he went on to amass over 9.7 million subscribers on YouTube. He was later invited to join other groups including “Ultimate Sidemen”. At just 16, he was the youngest member of the group. The other members of the group are Vikram Barn, Ethan Payne, Tobi Brown, Olajide ‘JJ’ Olatunji, Josh Bradley, and Simon Minter.

Apart from the Electronic Arts sports game FIFA series, Harry has also got another channel called “W2S Plays”. In there, he is known for playing random games including ‘The Crew’. In his games, he is known for throwing equipment like a chair, Xbox controllers, Xbox 360 and mug.

Some of his popular videos include “TOTY Ronaldo”, “IF Messi”, and “Pele”. He is also known for his constructive play.

Awards & Achievements

W2S has not won an award in his career but, his greatest career achievement is to become a successful YouTube personality and amass millions of subscribers. His channel ranks as the 100th most subscribed channel in the world. It is also the 17th most subscribed channel in the United Kingdom.

Net Worth & Earnings

The estimated net worth of W2S is more than $6.5 million. He has made this net worth at a very young age from his career as a YouTuber. He has uploaded a number of videos on his YouTube channels which have now his over 10 million subscribers. His net worth is very high at this age and he is a self-made millionaire. He continues to be active in his profession and there can be a good increase in his wealth. Apart from this, he also owns Audi A4 and Lamborghini Garllardo.

W2S is a very talented YouTube star he achieved name and fame at a young age. He owns luxury cars and also had a Range Rover in the past. His success story is very inspirational and we can expect to perform more in the future.