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Unbox Therapy Net Worth

Unbox Therapy Net Worth 2020

One of the most watched channels over YouTube is this Unbox Therapy which has over 12 million subscribers and over 2.3 billion video views. The sole person behind it is Lewis Hilsenteger. This technological expert guy has also opened many other channels over YouTube. It is not a cake walk to open a channel and attract viewers from all over the world. But this was made possible by Lewis. He worked hard enough to win over so many subscribers and is well aware of what attracts the mass. One of his other YouTube channels is “More Top 5”. Interestingly he has combined his work with companies like “Quarterly.co.”.

Unbox Therapy is all about unboxing new gadgets and talking about the pros and cons of them. Every video focuses on one newly launched device in the market and takes it out of its packing. Then he goes on discussing and testing it in all ways, making his viewers aware of every single detail about the gadget.

He has tested many gadgets like laptops, Apple products, game consoles, etc. “iPhone 6 Plus Bend Test” is the most watched video till date among his videos. It didn’t take much time to score a million views and more, moreover this one made the world talk about him and his accuracy boosting the popularity of Unbox Therapy. Scroll down to know more information regarding the career and net worth of Unbox Therapy in 2018.

Early Life & Biography

Unbox Therapy Net Worth 2020

Lewis Hilsenteger was born in May 1985 in Canada. Hilsenteger had always been into technology, gadgets, etc. his real passion was nothing other than Innovation through Technology. Entirely naturally he spent a lot of his time doing so and went to college to study subjects like video editing, photography and other digital arts. Being a resident of Toronto, he opted for the Toronto School of Art. He had planned his career at a very early age. He realized what he wanted and was determined to get it.

Career, Awards & Nominations

Lewis had the helping attitude from the very beginning, and so he always wished to channelize his career of technological expertise in helping people. His first endeavor in business was to open a computer servicing store which he named as iUpgrade. Then he went on to make some tutorial videos on computer handling and the usual problems that people come across them every day, with the sole purpose of helping others.

When he started to get good reviews for his videos, and many liked his posts, the idea of setting up a proper and professional channel popped into his mind, and he went for it. With positivity, he sowed the seed of his success back then in 2010, which led him to his present popularity and significant accomplishments.

Net Worth and Earnings

Lewis Hilsenteger advertised Unbox Therapy over other social media sites. Online he and his channel is a favorite thing, and so estimation of his net worth is $8 million with annual earnings of about $2-$3 million from Youtube Ads. Not only does he get highly paid from YouTube for his channels but his association with the big businesses and companies earn him a lot more than an ordinary YouTuber.

Unbox Therapy is an accurate staging of Lewis’ passion. Hilsenteger is a talented individual who knows exactly how to move with a dream. Signs of a successful digi-tech artist, don’t you think?


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