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Tanner Fox Net Worth

Tanner Fox Net Worth 2020

Tanner Fox is a professional stunner who does stunts with his scooter. He has been able to earn around eight million subscribers on his YouTube channel. He is a social media celebrity who is loved by his fans across the world. He has an Instagram account on which he has got around four million followers. He is also known for his girlfriend named Taylor Alesia who is a famous superstar. You can check out the net worth of Tanner Fox in 2020 in this article.

Early Life & Biography

Tanner Fox Net Worth 2020

He was born on 22nd December in the year 1999 and has got the citizenship of America. He was raised in San Diego in California by his parents. He has got a sister named Lindsay Fox. His mother’s name is Rhonda Fox who is an Instagram sensation as she reached around seventy thousand followers.

His older sister is also a YouTube Star. She has around three hundred followers on Instagram and about three hundred fifty subscribers on YouTube channel. He also has got a family whose name is Kirby, and he has also got his Instagram account.

Personal Life

On 5th May in the year 2018, he announced his breakup with his girlfriend named Taylor Alesia. He also confirmed that they have separated without any arguments. Even after being separated, they are good friends. In the year 2017, he started dating Taylor who is also a social media star. She has got two million followers on her Instagram account. They have worked together in many videos and have also shared their lovely videos on Snap chat and other sites. He has also spent time with her family members on Christmas and not only this, but he gifted her dream car on the Valentine’s Day.

Career, Awards & Nominations

From an early age, he started doing stunts with his scooter and later on he began uploading videos on his YouTube channel which let him earn money. He started his YouTube channel on 3rd September in the year 2011. His mother always supported him to do stunts, and that’s why he became able to famous by doing stunts.

The stunts done by him are treating for the eyes, and it is true that his stunts are quite dangerous also. He himself got hurt many times, and even then he worked hard and got practiced of doing remarkable stunts. His videos are mostly loved by the youngsters and teenagers, and he has reached millions of subscribers on his channel. Though he hasn’t won many awards till now, it is possible that he might win a lot of awards in the future for his work.

Net Worth & Earnings

The net worth of Tanner Fox is around $3 million which he has accumulated by working as a stunner. He performs awesome stunts using his scooter. He gets money from his YouTube channel on which he uploads videos of his stunts. Not only he collects money from the YouTube channel, but he also gathers money from his own Instagram account. He earns money on Instagram with a number of endorsements. He also has a clothing brand of his own named Fox through which he earns money.

Tanner Fox belongs to white ethnicity and belongs to American nationality. He used to do stunts with hoverboards, skateboards and his scooter in childhood and then he got inspiration to make videos on it. He was so passionate to make videos that one day he made a video in his classroom and uploaded it on YouTube after which he was thrown out of the Catholic School. He hasn’t received any awards for his work, but he is receiving a lot of love and support from his fans across the world.


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