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SSSniperwolf Net Worth

SSSniperwolf Net Worth 2020

Gamers who are fond of games such as Call of Duty, Far Cry Primal and Overwatch will also be fond of the beautiful YouTuber SSSniperwolf. She is one among the few women YouTubers who have a huge number of subscribers and followers. She is known for her live streams which often portray her gaming. She has also done many reaction videos and also hosted the TV show Clickbait with SSSniperwolf. Continue reading to know more information about the career and net worth of SSSniperwolf in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

SSSniperwolf Net Worth 2020

SSSniperwolf was born as Alia Shelesh on 22 October 1992 in England. Her family relocated to Arizona, the United States during her childhood and Alia is said to have completed her high school sparing a semester. Alia has two younger brothers and a sister who has accompanied her in some of her videos.

Alia started playing video games at the age of 6 and says that she wanted to prove that even girls can be good at video games, not only boys. Alia attended a college only to get transferred to another one as she did not like her first college. She enrolled herself in Pharmacy and switched to Nursing and later became a drop-out.

Personal Life

Alia was in a relationship with Evan Sausage, a fellow vlogger. She has frequently posted videos on the titled We Broke-up, Break Up Update and How we got together to increase views which were often criticized by her followers.

She along with her boyfriend was once arrested by the police for screaming and creating troubles for their neighbors. She even got into a rumor stating that she wants to act in porn and has approached Pornhub which she later dismissed saying; she approached Pornhub to remove a particular user who uploaded videos on the name SSSniperwolf.

Career, Awards & Achievements

Alia joined YouTube through her channel SSSniperwolf on January 13, 2013. She selected the name SSSniperwolf inspired from the game Metal Gear Solid, which she claims to be one of her favorite games.

She started her channel as a gaming channel posting gameplay videos on Overwatch. She also used to live stream her games on her channel and garnered a huge number of followers. She is probably the only gaming girl to have more than billion views to her videos.

Her channel so far has over 10 million subscribers. She has made over 1800 videos so far, and they have collectively garnered over 2 billion views.

Net Worth & Earnings

The current net worth of the YouTube sensation is estimated to be $3 million with most of her income coming from her gaming side. She enjoys partnerships with EA, Ubisoft, and Activision. Her YouTube channel with over 10 million subscribers also contributes a lot to the figure mentioned above. She is said to be owning a Nissan 370Z and a Mercedes S550 Coupe.

From a drop-out to a self-constructed millionaire, the journey of this beautiful girl is always an inspiration to many youngsters. SSSniperwolf’s growth once again reinforces that fortune will always follow the one who loves what she does.


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