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Shay Carl Net Worth

Shay Carl Net Worth 2020

Shay Carl is a vlogger, Youtube personality and author from America. He runs three Youtube channels and together it consists of more than seven million subscribers. He was called one of the “most successful video entrepreneurs on YouTube” by the Forbes magazine. Here is a quick summary about net worth of Shay Carl in 2020, career and earnings.

Early Life & Biography

Shay Carl Butler was born on March 5, 1980, in Logan, Utah to Carl and Laurie Butler. He is the oldest of his other three siblings.

Shay Carl Net Worth 2020

When he was just four years of old, he moved to Arizona because his father was studying electrical engineering there.

Carl served a two-year mission for “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day” in Trinidad, Guyana, Barbados after graduating from high school. He dropped out of Idaho State University to start working on his own.

Personal Life

In 2003, he married Colette and together they have five children. Carl’s family is also known as the Youtube’s first family.

Career, Awards & Achievement

Shay Carl worked as a school bus driver and radio DJ before appearing on Youtube. Carl became more popular on Youtube when another Youtube personality “Philip DeFranco” gave him a shout-out after watching some of his videos.

His Youtube channel “SHAYTARDS” has more than five million subscribers and his other Youtube channel “shaycarl” has more than one million subscribers.

He was able to quadruple his subscribers by working with some other YouTubers in the sketch channel “The Station”.

In 2009, Shay Carl co-founded “Maker Studios” which is now called “Disney Digital Network”. In the same year, he created a flash mob with the help of Midi Mafia at the hotel Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.

Carl along with his wife Colette, run “When the Kids Go to Sleep”, which is a podcast where they interview celebrities and Youtube personalities like Bas Rutten and Terry Crews.

In 2013, he collaborated with Matt Damon to promote a project of Water.org. He also promotes various brands and companies like “Foot Locker”, “Skype”, “General Electric” and many more by creating sponsored videos on his Youtube channel.

He is also the author of the self-help book, “Fat Dad, Fat Kid” which was co-written by his eldest son Gavin.

In 2014, Shay Carl won the “Streamy Awards ICON award” in the category of entrepreneurship. He won the “Best YouTube Channel or Personality” Award for his Youtube channel “SHAYTARDS” in the 2009 Mashable Open Web Award.

He was also nominated in the category “Best Non-Fiction or Reality Series” for the 3rd Streamy Awards in the year 2013. In 2011, his production company “maker Studios” was featured in “The New York Times Magazine”.

His Youtube channel “shaycarl” was ranked at number 31 on the list of Top 100 Channels by the online magazine “New Media Rockstars”.

Net Worth & Earnings of Shay Carl

The estimated net worth of Shay Carl is more than $35 million. This huge fortune is the result of his successful Youtube career. Within six months, since starting his Youtube channel he used to earn more than $2000 per month from his Youtube channel. He is also the owner of a property in Pocatello, Idaho which extends up to 1000-acres. In the same year, he got $500 million from The Walt Disney Company because he sold his production company “Maker Studios” to them.

Shay Carl is one of the most renowned YouTube personalities in the world. He makes videos on various topics including weight loss, adventure, parenting and adult topics. He is very active on Youtube and his fourth child is known as the first Truman Baby of the internet.