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Mike Tornabene Net Worth

Mike Tornabene Net Worth 2020

Mike Tornabene is one of the famous American YouTuber, Social Media Influencer and comedy scriptwriters. He is the creator of Dom Mazzetti. Dom Mazzetti is a famous comedy series on Youtube. In this series, he played an Italian American College Student. Now let’s have a quick look at the Career, Net worth and achievements of Mike Tornabene in 2020.

Early Life and Biography

Mike Tornabene Net Worth 2020

Michael Tornabene was born in the year May 1989. His place of birth is in New York, USA. He did his schooling from North Hunterdon High School. There he met his best Gian who became his partner. Mike did his graduation from New York University in Film and Television. After that, he went to become the president and astronaut. His nickname was “Bro Science Guy” and “Brofessor”.

Personal Life

He is in a relationship with Leah Marie Deming who is a freelance graphic designer. He is also a digital and social marketing manager at Trainor Associates. They are living happily in their life. Mike always says that his wife is very supportive. They don’t have any children yet. Despite his busy scheduled, he always finds some time for his wife.

Career, Awards, and Nominations

Mike and Gian is the best friend from childhood. Mike’s career started when he was eight years old, writing comedy scripts with his friend Gian Hunjan. They had written various Comedy screenplays and TV sketches. They wrote two special television script, a feature-length comedy screenplay, and a television pilot script.

His professional comedy partnership starts from a restaurant. They worked together in a restaurant when they were pursuing study in high school. After closing the restaurant at night he and Gian entertained the staff with their comedy play.

They officially started his business on September 5, 2009, named as Mike & Gian Comedy. Mike created a YouTube channel to upload comedy sketches and promote it on their official page on Facebook. Their first video series on youtube was “The Intern,” where he played the role of son and Gian played the role of his father who runs a small business. They got excellent feedback but decidedly fewer views. After his graduation in 2010, he moved to the city with his friend and trying to sell the screenplay. They work hard for their passion for becoming a famous comedian. In the daytime the go for the job and the night they work on their comedy sketches.

After some time, they released a comedy sketches video series named as Dom Mazetti. The character of Dom supposed to be a dumb Italian in a cooking sketch. But they changed the character of Dom and used him as a character who will tell about important things in a satirical way. It is gone viral and gets 13 million views from that video. Then they decided to keep the character Dom as their main character, and they started to upload the video every fortnight. Their most popular channel is called “BroScineceLife,” in which Dom was an Italian-American college student who explains various themes such as fitness, money, women, etc.

Net Worth and Earnings

With the fact that Mike Tornabene is involved in many businesses, but his primary profession is Scriptwriting and YouTube. Other than a Youtuber, he is also a partner of a website. His primary source of earning is YouTube and sponsorship. Well, it is estimated that his net worth is $1.5 million.

Mike is passionate and focuses on his dream. He always works hard for his idea. Moreover, he is an open heart and a funny person. Mike inspire the youth through is dedication, passion, and hard work.


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