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Matt Carriker Net Worth

Matt Carriker Net Worth 2020

Matt Carriker is a celebrity veterinarian who is famous for rescuing animals and giving them a new life. His YouTube channel Vet Ranch focuses on his rescue and rehabilitation of animals in distress. It has millions of viewers. His other YouTube channel Demolition Ranch and OffTheRanch are also having a huge subscribers and viewers base. Here are the complete details about career, biography, and net worth of Matt Carriker in 2020.

Early life and biography:

Matt Carriker Net Worth 2020

Matt Carriker was born on 21st October 1986 in Texas to white American Parents. He has a sister named Ali who is living with him and pursuing her studies in veterinary science.

Matt Carriker studied at Texas A & M College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences. He graduated in the year 2008 and obtained his license to practice as a veterinarian in 2012. He has been practicing in the profession since then.

Personal life:

Matt Carriker is married to Meredith Atkinson. They have three children, two girls named Adalyn and Annie and a boy named Lincoln. He is a good father to his family and a caring husband.

He has a great attachment to his younger sister and takes care of her education and upbringing.

Career Award and Nominations:

He was from his early days fond of taking pictures and material for his videos for which he would roam in the woods to capture interesting photos and video sequences.

In 2011 he created his YouTube channel called Demolition Ranch which has 2.8 million subscribers and over 3.83 million views. This is a channel most loved by those who have a fascination for firearms, its types, its operation and much other related information given in a very interesting and practical manner where he shows the operation and handling of the firearms and shooting dummy targets. This channel is recognized as one of the most popular firearm channels on YouTube.

Matt Carriker’s second biggest channel on YouTube is Vet Ranch wherein he collaborates with many other Texas-based veterinarians. It was started in 2014. The channel shows them performing operations on animals that have suffered injuries. Their rescue efforts to save and nurture the animals in distress are much appreciated by animal lovers.

A website named Vetranch.org is dedicated to popularising the cause. Matt Carriker collaborates with an organization named San Antonio Pets Alive (SAPA) from whom he collects at-risk animals for treatment and care.

His channel OffTheRanch created in 2007 has over 1.8 million subscribers and 226 million views. In this channel, he vlogs about himself and his family.

Matt Carriker also owns a small veterinary clinic in San Antonio Texas.

Net Worth and Earnings:

Matt Carriker’s net worth is estimated at $2.5 million. But many of his fans believe he is worth a lot more due to his contribution to the cause of animal rescue and rehabilitation.

He also earns from his family vet clinic and also as a practicing veterinarian.

Matt Carriker is a veterinary doctor by qualification but has varied talents. His YouTube channels have an outreach so wide that he has attracted millions of viewers and subscribers.

His work for rescuing animals and rehabilitating them has earned him love from thousands of his fans. He is so devoted to his mission that he declined offers from TV companies for making a series on animal rescue due to his concern that he may in that event not be able to devote adequate time to animals.