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MatPat Net Worth

MatPat Net Worth 2020

MatPat is a widely-known internet personality, actor, writer, producer, director and editor from the United States of America, whose real name is Matthew Patrick. He gained big success and recognition as the creator of “The Game Theorists” on YouTube, which he’s also the narrator of. You may explore in details below the life, career and net worth of Matthew Patrick “MatPat” in 2020.

Early Life & Biography:

MatPat Net Worth 2020

MatPat official and full birth name is Matthew Robert Patrick. He was born on November 15, 1986, in Medina city in Ohio, United States. There’s no information revealed on his parents as we do not know his father’s or mother’s names and occupations. However, it seems like the family lived in good economic conditions during the early life of MatPat.

MatPat was mostly grown and raised in his hometown. He completed his education and schooling at the Medina High School, and then he earned a full scholarship to the Duke University, from where he graduated with a double major in psychology and theater. We do not know how many siblings, brothers and sisters, does MatPat have, and he might be his parent’s only child.

Personal Life:

MatPat hasn’t been into many relationships and dates in his private life. He has been married to Stephanie Cordato since 2012. The couple has recently given birth to their only son, Oliver Julian “Ollie” Patrick who was born in 2018. Stephanie is a digital strategy consultant next to working with MatPat on various projects.

Career, Awards & Nominations:

MatPat went to New York during his early days to be an actor, but he couldn’t make it there. His YouTube channel, “The Game Theorists”, currently has more than 11 million subscribers and over 1.7 billion video views. He also created other channels such as GTLive and The Film Theorists. In 2018, he appeared as an actor in “Escape the Night”.

MatPat is the receipt of many great awards and honors. He’s the winner of a total of 3 Streamy Awards in the categories of Best Virtual Reality Series, Best Gaming Series and Editing. The awards he won where for his work on the YouTube webseries, “MatPat’s Game Lab” and “The Game Theorists”.

MatPat’s latest and most recent news is that he recently uploaded a video in which he mentioned that, Ronnie Oni Edwards, one of his team members, passed away in 2018 by suicide. He also talked in the video many things about Ronnie including that he was a great person and that the whole team holds support for him.

Net Worth & Earnings:

The American internet personality, actor, writer, producer, director and editor Matthew Patrick “MatPat” has an estimated net worth of probably more than $2.5 million. He made his millions and hundreds of thousands in wealth from his YouTube channels. MatPat’s YouTube channels have millions and hundreds of thousands of subscribers and video views.

MatPat is a great and very talented internet personality, who created big YouTube channels. His YouTube channels stand among the most popular ones on the platform with big numbers of subscribers and video views. MatPat is happily living in Los Angeles with his wife, Stephanie Cordato, and their new born child.


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