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Mat Best Net Worth

Mat Best Net Worth 2020

To many people, working in the army strictly means you cannot have a different career. That is not the case for Mat Best, who is a comedian, actor, writer, and a YouTube personality. He made a transition from being in the army to a civilian who is also a businessman. Here are the complete details on the career, biography, and the net worth of Mat Best in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Mat Best Net Worth 2020

Mat Best was born in El Paso, Texas on the 2nd day of October 1985. He was the lastborn child in a family of three children, all boys. He grew up together with his brothers in Santa Barbara. He was born and raised up in a family of marines as his two brothers, father, and his grandfather served as marines in the US Marine.

He was told and shown by a friend all that the Rangers were about, and this prompted him to join the Rangers at the age of 17. It was the basic training that he turned 18, and he joined a platoon two weeks later.

When he was in the Army, he was five times deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq with 75th Ranger Regiment and the 2nd Ranger Batallion. After finishing his service, he contracted by the CIA. Amid his busy schedule, he enrolled at a university and acquired a Bachelor of Liberal Arts degree.

Personal Life

Best is a married man. He got married to Noelle Best in 2017. The two had been together for a couple of years. They don’t have any children yet.

Career, Awards, & Nominations

Mat first tried his luck in comedy in February 2012 by posting some comic videos on YouTube. The videos just got very few views but he never gave up. He got some breakthrough after his fifth video, which was entitled ‘How to be an Operator.’ The video was a hit and it amassed him a huge following. This reinforced him to forge forward.

Within a short time, his followership and viewership had grown on the social media and some of his videos got millions of views. They include ‘How to Be a Crossfitter,’ ‘Dump Things Guys Do,’ ‘You Might Be a Veteran if…..,’ among others.

As a producer, Mat has worked on various series and documentaries like ‘Not a War Story.’ ‘Living for the Ones Who Can’t,’ ‘Roadtrip nation,’ and ‘The Shaved Eagle Tour.’ He has also acted in those productions.

As an actor, Mat Best has appeared in several series, independent movies and documentaries which includes ‘Range 15,’ ‘Hellen Kellers vs. Nightwolves,’ and ‘Deported.’

As a businessman, Best has a total of six businesses, among them a coffee brand and a fashion line. Although he has not won an award or a nomination yet, his transition from the army into a successful career is a significant achievement.

Net Worth & Earnings

The Ranger has managed to accumulate a total net worth of $2.5 million. He gets his income from diverse sources like acting, production, and also his businesses. He is still active in his career and this means an expected increase in his net value in the future.

Mat Best has come from a Ranger to a very famous and celebrated person over the years. He is also very popular on the social media with his YouTube channel MBest11x having more than 30 million views and over 800,000 subscribers. The skies seem to be the limit for the Ranger.


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