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Marques Brownlee Net Worth

Marques Brownlee Net Worth 2020

Marques Brownlee is a famous YouTuber who is very well known for his renowned technology videos. He has got more than 5.8 million subscribers on his channel, and he is also known as one of the best technology reviewers around the world. If you are interested to know about career and net worth of Marques Brownlee in 2020, then you can read this article ahead.

Early life & Biography

Marques Brownlee Net Worth 2020

He was born on 21st March in the year 2008 in Maplewood in New Jersey. He spent his childhood in Maplewood along with his parents. He used to go to Columbia High School and then he enrolled in the Stevens Institute of Technology. He has completed his majors in Business and IT.

In the year 2015, his graduation was completed, and he became full-time YouTuber. He also plays golf in his free time, and he is also a professional Frisbee player. Nothing much has been known about his parents as he has not revealed this in front of anyone till now.

Personal Life

Nothing much information is available about his personal life, and he has kept his personal life hidden from his fans which creates more curiosity in their minds. No information about his parents is available, but it is known that he has got one sister. He hasn’t revealed anything about his girlfriend, and he resides in Hoboken in New Jersey at present.

He is focused entirely on improving his technology reviews so that the people around the world can understand better about technologies of different gadgets. His fans love him because he always gives honest reviews to them. Not only, he tells them about the best gadgets, but he also tells them the gadgets used by him personally.

Career, Awards & Nominations

He joined YouTube in the year 2008, but he started adding videos to his channel in the year 2009, and he named his channel as MKBHD channel. When he used to post videos earlier, they used to be simple as he used to talk by putting single image during the video. He remains connected with his customers from the beginning, and that’s why he always asked his customers for their ideas and requests. He also responds to his customers regarding his videos.

When he started earning a decent amount of money, he began an advertisement with different hardware and software of the companies. Even though he gets money from the companies for the advertisement of products but he only chooses the products which can be beneficial for his audience. His fans love him because of his honest nature as he tells his customers about the technology and products used by him personally.

Net Worth & Earnings

The net worth of Marques Brownlee is around $2.5 million which he has accumulated by uploading YouTube videos. He has got around five million subscribers on his channel, and there are more than 650 million views on his videos. His channel is known as one of the fast-growing channels in technology. He is famous for uploading his high quality of videos with new technologies. He hasn’t won any awards for his work, but he will definitely win awards in the future for his remarkable videos.

He didn’t take any classes for working in the YouTube videos, but he has been working on his channel for around seven years, and he is just growing up in his career. He invests a lot of his time to make videos for his channel, and that is reflected in his videos. He is also looking forward to doing supercar reviews in the future because he is passionate about cars.


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