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Manny Mua Net Worth

Manny Mua Net Worth 2020

Manny Mua is a make-up artist, beauty blogger and a brand ambassador of Maybelline, a popular makeup brand. He is active on social network platforms and has millions of followers on YouTube and Instagram. Here is a quick summary of the net worth, career and earnings of Manny Mua in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Manny Mua Net Worth 2020

Manny Mua was born on April 4, 1991, in Los Angeles, California to Greka Gutierrez, mother, and Manny Gutierrez, his father. Born in a highly educated family, he was provided with a thorough grounding in education by his parents. He got his admission in one of the prestigious Medical School in the USA, yet he quit the medical education to opt for a career as a beautician.

In his childhood he watched his mother do her make-up. His interest gradually grew to take up the profession of a beautician. He has two younger brothers. After identifying himself as a gay, he was sent to therapy to reverse the effects of his condition, but after ineffective treatment and his falling into depression, the treatment was stopped.

Personal Life

Manny Mua grew up in a Mormon family. He made his presence felt in social media in a big way. At the age of 25, he was already a star with his photos with a vivid make-up posted on YouTube and Instagram. His breaking of gender stereotypes has made him an iconic figure among his fans.

In his early years Manny Mua tried to make his parents happy by trying to be and act like a boy, but deep down he knew that something was different about him. He prayed to God that he would stop liking boys, but that didn’t work.

His father supported him and said that he was proud of his son’s accomplishments as well as the person he has become.

Career, Awards & Nominations

Since his early years, Manny Mua was inclined to pursue his passion for makeup. He worked for Sephora, a French-founded chain of personal care stores which featured many beauty products. He also worked for Mac cosmetics, one of the top three global make-up brands.

In the year 2014, he started his YouTube Channel on which his make-up tutorials, beauty tips and make-up first impressions were very popular. He also worked with the make-up artist on an eyeshadow Palette and had collaborated with Jeffree Star cosmetics on lipsticks and highlighters.

In 2017 Manny Mua along with Shayla Mitchell was made brand ambassadors for Maybelline brand with a specific product-Colossal Big Shot Mascara. He became the first male brand ambassador for the brand.

In April 2017 he collaborated with his friend Jeffree Star to introduce Star’s make-up brand. In the same year, he made into the list of People’s magazine’s annual ‘Most Beautiful list’.

Net Worth & Earnings

Manny Mua’s Net Worth is estimated at $800 thousand. His earnings mainly come from his YouTube channel where his numerous followers like his post on make-up, beauty products and tutorials. He also earns from the sale of beauty products of different brands promoted by him.

Manny Mua is a daring and forthright person who did not hesitate in declaring himself a gay or choosing a profession that is rare for a male in this female-dominated profession. He made his mark by his hard work and his daring to break stereotypes.


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