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Lewis Brindley Net Worth

Lewis Brindley Net Worth 2020

Technology has dominated the world and many people are even earning their living through it. One such person is Lewis Brindley who has become a successful internet business person. He has established various business through them he has become famous. He is well known for the many videos and articles that he has launched on his channel. To know more about the net worth of Lewis Brindley in 2020, read the following article.

Early Life & Biography

Lewis Brindley Net Worth 2020

Brindley is a son of Alan Brindley and he was born in 1983. He attended the King Edward VI Grammar School in Chelmford and later enrolled at the University of Manchester to continue with his higher education. He first studied law, but then dropped the course to pursue chemistry. He was born in England.

Personal Life

He was in a relationship with YouTuber by the name Hannah Rutherford but the relation lasted for only two years. He is a private person likes keeping his personal life away from the public.

Career, Awards & Nomination

Brindley was one of the founders of Yogscast, which is a YouTube channel that provided the public with guidelines and tutorials to the gaming world. He became famous after launching ‘World of Warcraft,’ which was received positively by subscribers as it helped them in gaming.

They then created another podcast by the name YogPod. In 2010, Lewis and Simon launched a video on YouTube which illustrated how a gamer survived a night in the world of Minecraft.

Their work later grew from a YouTube channel into a video game publisher and media platform that produces innovative projects. Lewis and his friend Simon did not believe that their work has grown to become a successful project.

Initially, Yogscast was limited into only posting videos, but now they can post other contents such as music videos, games, live action sequences, and animations. The two have successful had many subscribers to their channel who love and appreciate what they do best.

One of the achievements that Brendley can pride about is that they have billions of views and more than six million loyal subscribers to their YouTube channel. Their podcast Yogscast has become popular especially for the lovers of gaming in the United Kingdom and USA as well.

Lewis was awarded The Daily Telegraph Young Science Writer Award in 2000 after he wrote an article about science of breath and how to cub asthma.

Net Worth & Earnings

His hard work has surely paid him off as he has an estimated net worth of $4 million. Managing over twenty-one channels is not a joke, but he can surely enjoy the benefits that come with it. He lives a comfortable life and it is believed that Brindley’s wealth is continuing to grow.

His passionate and ability to interact with people made Brindley to be the person he is today. What seemed to be small in his eyes has become an industry that he gets his money. He is surely an inspiration to many young people!


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