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Kurt Hugo Schneider Net Worth

Kurt Hugo Schneider Net Worth 2020

Kurt Hugo, also known as YouTube’s heartthrob is a fulltime video producer and editor. However, this YouTuber is mostly known for his amazing singing skills and musical covers. At present, Kurt makes videos for various musicians like Sam Tsui. Let’s find out more about the total net worth of Kurt Hugo Schneider in 2020.

Early Life and Biography

Kurt Hugo Schneider Net Worth 2020

Born in Baltimore, Schneider is a child of Laurie S Auth and Michael Schneider. Brought up in Pennsylvania, Kurt and Tsui grew up in the same colony as kids. Both of them together attended high school in Wissahickon High School. Although Kurt has German descent but is unable to speak the German language. His older sister is a pianist. He graduated in Mathematics from the University of Yale.

Kurt is a great chess player and has even held the USCF rating. He is also able to play different games blindfolded. A self-taught musician, Kurt is often regarded as a genius.

Personal Life

Kurt has a very private life and likes to keep it that way. The media is also sometimes clueless about his dating life since he keeps it in wraps all the time. As of present, the YouTuber seems to be single and is not dating anyone in particular.

Career, Awards, and Nominations

Schneider began his musical career when he was still in high school. The young lad used to collaborate with his friend Tsui around that time and this continued till the time he studied in the Yale University. Kurt has by this date made a number of musical series videos with Tsui. All of these series are originally produced music.

They actually received widespread recognition in the online media, when they made a beautiful medley on Michael Jackson. As per info, this video is the ninth most viewed video on Kurt’s channel. It has over 34 million views. The video went viral overnight, and this led them to get a chance to appear on national TV channels. They were even invited to the Oprah Winfrey Show, and Ellen DeGeneres also invited them over in her show. In the year 2011, Schneider and Tsui made it big when Britney Spears featured their YouTube video on her website.

This popularity encouraged Kurt to venture into other projects. He even shot a college musical which released in 2014. Apart from covers, both Tsui and Kurt have also released numerous original music videos. Kurt has also collaborated with other artists. He has directed many medleys of other musicians. Kurt was also the associate producer for Yale University’s musical admissions. Kurt Schneider has also collaborated with Coca-Cola in 2013.

Net Worth and Earnings

As of today, Kurt Schneider net worth is an estimated at $7 million. All his earnings is a result of his YouTube channel. It is estimated that his channel of 11 million subscribers has 2.7 billion views. So every day, Kurt earns around $1.8 thousand.

Kurt Hugo rose to fame with his YouTube channel. A young artist and an extremely creative mind, Kurt is an online sensation. His collaborations and medleys are very popular among his viewers who love listening and watching his musical covers and videos.


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