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Keemstar Net Worth

Keemstar Net Worth 2020

Keemstar is a well-known YouTuber and video game streamer who has attains lots of fame in the recent years. He is the founder and owner of the YouTube channel with the name “Drama Alert” having more than 3.4 million subscribers. Each of his videos has millions of views that made him a star on the platform. This amazing online star is very active on the other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. In this post, we will talk about the net worth of Keemstar in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Keemstar Net Worth 2020

He was born in the popular city New York on 8th March 1983 in the home of American parents. There is no clear information available about the early life of this YouTuber. He has not talked about the way his childhoods spent or even his ethnicity. Keemstar prefers not to talk about his educational qualifications in the media.

Personal Life

We research the family of this amazing YouTuber, including parents as well as siblings. However, we couldn’t become successful in finding even a single clue about this area. He usually stays quiet about his personal life in front of the media. On the other hand, there was news that this 36-year-old YouTuber is in a relationship with a girl. However, these are rumors and not even a single person has spotted him with that girl.

He is the father of one girl named Mia with his former girlfriend whose name not revealed. Keemstar said in his recent interview that he would never marry in his life and prefer to enjoy liberty. In addition to having 3.4 million subscribers on YouTube, he has over 2.5 million followers on the Twitter that is proof of his fame among the audience. His hairs are brown, whereas the color of Keemstar’s eyes is black.

Career, Awards & Nominations

Keemstar came into limelight with his YouTube channel “DramaAlert” that launched in June 2014. He used to post videos about the controversial life of the controversial life of the celebrities and other gossips in the entertainment world in the starting.

However, he got huge criticism from the fellow YouTubers that result in people to start making videos on his bad actions. It is continuously growing from the past some years making him on the YouTube’s most divisive figures of all time. Despite having thousands of haters, he has millions of fans who loved to see his videos. In addition to DramaAlert channel, he has another channel with the name Keemstar 22.

The channels of this amazing personality have made videos about lots of other YouTubers like Sky Does Minecraft, Ali-A, OpTic Scumper, and KSI. His popular videos list consists of Jake Paul, Dollar in the Woods, Christina Grimmie Shot & Killed and Erika Costell among others. Since the launch of his YouTube channels, Keemstar has partnered with many well-known YouTubers like Jacob Sartorius, Logan Paul, and Alissa Violet. He gets a nomination for the Shorty Awards in the Best Web Series category, but Keemstar couldn’t become successful in winning it.

Net Worth & Earnings

There is a great amount of curiosity among the public to know how much net worth this amazing YouTuber has. The net worth of Keemstar is $3 million that is a huge amount considering his short career. The main source of his income came from the YouTube views. This profession has helped him earn a decent amount of money.

Keemstar considered as one of the most entertaining personalities on the YouTube. However, this online star has a fair amount of controversies too. We wish him success for the upcoming life.


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