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Josh Paler Net Worth

Josh Paler Net Worth

Josh Paler is a remarkable YouTuber who at a very young age has gained much popularity and recognition to a large extent significantly. Josh Paler’s videos are basically comical videos filled with pranks and other comical nuisances. This has significantly fetched him astounding fan followers and subscribers on his YouTube channel respectively.

Basically, Josh Paler is an Asian prankster who has put forth a global presence with his remarkable comical videos widely. It has been apparently noted that Josh Paler has got over 2.7 million subscribers on his YouTube channel which is highly praiseworthy and significant to imagine. Thus, he is an over-enthusiastic man who has given much to establish his successful career with a flavor of comical taste which gives laughter immensely to the viewers and the audiences largely. Therefore, let’s find out more about net worth of Josh Paler in 2020.

Early Life & Biography:

On 26 March 1989, Josh Paler was born in Taiwan in China but later he moved to California in the United States and thus being a Taiwan nationality. Originally, Josh Paler was born with the name as ‘Josh Paler Lin’. Josh Paler belonged to the Asian ethnicity. At a very young and early age, Josh Paler had shown a keen interest for various social media platforms where he can showcase his inbound skill and talent especially the social media website such as the ‘YouTube’ which later made him immensely famous and popular across the world.

In his childhood, Josh Paler used to reside in Russia along with his parents. There is not much known about Josh Paler’s parents apart from the fact that he has a younger sister. There is also not much known about Josh Paler’s educational background and about his early childhood life. Presently, Josh Paler resides in California in the United States and is at the age of only 28.

Josh Paler Net Worth 2020

Career, Awards & Nominations:

At the initial years of his career, Josh Paler has contributed his inbound talent and skill as a background dancer for various shows and events. Apparently, Josh started appearing in various music videos with the overwhelming power and belief of achieving his dream career of being famous and popular.

Next, Josh Paler came up with the idea of creating his own independent YouTube channel where he is going to upload various comical videos to entertain the viewers widely.

Josh Paler then officially launched his YouTube channel with the name as ‘Asian F.O.B drive-thru pranks’. Since 2013 the YouTube channel is running successfully with much popularity and recognition across the world.

Awards and Achievements

Josh Paler has significantly got over 2.5 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Josh Paler’s most commendable and top trending video ‘How Does A Homeless Man Spend $100?’ has significantly got over more than 49 millions of views which is highly significant and noteworthy to imagine.

As of now, Josh Paler has significantly made and earn through his YouTube channel over more than 35 millions views which are the result of the total views of the video.

Net Worth & Earnings:

The total estimated net worth of Josh Paler is about $1 million approximately.

Thus, it was not an easy task for a young man to gain such popularity at a very young age but he with his inner potential and capabilities has now reached to the soaring heights of success, name, and glorious fame which is highly significant and noteworthy. Henceforth, this young lad of only 29 has got immense recognition and popularity which has won millions of heart across the world and acts as a kind of stress buster through his comical videos.


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