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Furious Pete Net Worth

Furious Pete Net Worth 2020

These days, people are engaging in different activities both for fun, or make careers out of them. One of such people is Furious Pete, who is a Competitive eater and a bodybuilder. He is also a YouTube personality who holds fourteen records in eating on the Guinness World Records. Now let’s have a close look at the net worth of Furious Pete in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Furious Pete Net Worth 2020

The Canadian was born Peter Czerwinski on 30th November 1985, in Toronto. As a child, he had anorexia for a long time, and he ended up being hospitalized in Toronto. Bodybuilding was used as part of his recovery. Both his parents had severe health issues.

Pete holds a college degree in monetary from McMaster University. He is said to have a slower digestive speed, much slower compared to an average adult.

Personal Life

Pete had been in a romantic relationship with his longtime girlfriend, Melissa. The two had dated for many years until just recently when they finally got engaged. He once suffered testicular cancer, but it disappeared after few surgeries.

Career, Awards, & Nominations

Due to his slow digestive speed, Pete changed his daily eating habits at an early age. He realized he had a special strength in eating when he emerged a winner in an eating challenge. He decided not to let his strength go to waste or even go unnoticed.

He began taking more eating challenges, record them and sending them on YouTube. At first, he could get just a few views and likes, but with time, more and more people started to view his videos and following him as well.

Pete took part in the initial ‘Canada’s Got Talent’ season. He used a total of 51 seconds to eat 5 hard boiled eggs, 3 pieces of bacon, one bag of milk, and 2 bananas. He, however, did not make it beyond the Toronto auditions.

Furious Pete was the first person in to finish the Furious “Pete.” This consists of 20 pieces of bacon, 5pound platter fries, and 20 pieces of cheese. This is a part of a documentary film by the title of ‘The Story of Furious Pete.’ He is also a motivational speaker at various institutes, and he has as well hosted different Television shows.

Pete has a YouTube channel where he posts his videos for the public to see. His channel ‘FuriousPete 123’ has more than 2.4 million subscribers. The channel has over 700 million views since its inception. He also holds a total of 14 Guinness World Records in eating. That can be considered a significant achievement.

Net Worth & Earnings

The competitive eater has amassed a net value of $3 million. This has come from him being a competitive eater as well as a YouTuber. His other sources are appearing in commercials, hosting tv shows as well as selling workout accessories and apparels. His wealth is well earned and deserved for his hard work.

Furious Pete chose a very interesting way to make a living. He has on three occasions been battling testicular cancer, but he is never deterred. His fighting spirit has always stood out, and he usually comes out victorious. He is determined to fight any obstacle in life and make a better life for himself. For sure, his efforts are not in vain.


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