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Filthy Frank Net Worth

Filthy Frank Net Worth 2020

Filthy Frank is a famous Japanese-Australian musician and YouTube personality. Filthy Frank has his own YouTube channel known as ‘TVFilthyFrank.’ Filthy Frank in his released videos shows his own performances comprising of rants, ukulele, and others. As a musician, Filthy Frank has released several super-hit records under the names of either ‘Pink Guy’ or ‘Joji.’ Continue reading to find the net worth of Filthy Frank as of 2019.

Early Life & Biography:

Filthy Frank Net Worth 2020

‘Filthy Frank’ is the professional name of George Miller who was born on 18th September 1992 in Osaka, Japan. Filthy Frank is fluent in Japanese. Later in his life, George settled in the US. Yet, Filthy Frank travels between the USA and Australia.

In his music career, Filthy Frank released his album, ‘Pink Guy’ under the name of Pink Guy (2014). Pink Guy released his albums, ‘Pink Season’ and ‘Pink Season: The Prophecy’ (2017). Filthy Frank released several singles as Joji and a remix called ‘Medicine.’

Personal Life:

In 2012, George Miller graduated from the Canadian Academy. George Miller’s private life is well guarded so very little is known about him. Filthy Frank in his video, ‘Filthy Frank Exposes Himself???’ illustrates himself as a college student in Brooklyn, New York. This information does not expose his personal life. Filthy Frank is apprehensive of not finding employment later because of the characteristics of his show. Also, in the same video, Filthy Frank refers to his poor health of getting seizures due to an illness he never mentions.

Career, Awards & Nominations:

In June 2008, Filthy Frank joined the YouTube group called ‘Temura Boyz.’ Filthy Frank established his own channel called ‘DizastaMusic.’ Filthy Frank used his own channel for uploading different types of music including sketches, rants, and raps. Same time, Filthy Frank uploaded his first video known as ‘Lil Jon falls off a table.’ Following, Filthy Frank established his most popular channel, ‘TVFilthyFrank.’ In this new channel, ‘TVFilthyFrank’, Filthy Frank uploaded videos based on several imaginary creatures representing him.

In 2014, Filthy Frank established the sub-channel comprising his contents and called it -‘TooDamnFilthy’. Apparently, this channel became a super hit and acquired him several fans and admirers from all over the world. Filthy Frank posted videos including ‘Anything4Views’, ‘HowToBasic,’ ‘iDubbbzTV’ and ‘MaxMoeFoe.’ By August 2017, Filthy Frank had over 600 million views and over 5.2 million followers. Latest report shows, Filthy Frank’s channel, ‘TooDamnFilthy’ has 170 million views and 1.8 million subscribers.

Around September 2017, Filthy Frank appeared an episode of ‘Hot Ones,’ one of the television series. The same month, Filthy Frank released his first book, ‘Francis of the Fifth.’

Filthy Frank enacted in the movie, ‘Higher Brothers and Tommy Cash.’ Filthy Frank has released many music videos too. The greatest accomplishment of Filthy Frank is establishing his own YouTube. Filthy Frank used those personal YouTube sites to reach to the millions of tech-savvy audiences over the internet. Filthy Frank gained his popularity and fame after using his personal YouTube to promote his music, music videos and more.

Net Worth & Earnings:

The net worth of Filthy Frank is over $1.5 million. As a YouTube star, Filthy Frank had millions of views, and his fans bought his singles. Also, Filthy Frank earned from his releases including remix and albums that he released in as Filthy Frank, Jijo, and Pink Guy. Filthy Frank appeared on a television episode and enacted in a movie.

Towards the end of 2017, Filthy Frank left his YouTube channel to concentrate on his career as a musician. He uses the name Joji when he produces his severe typical music. Recently Filthy Frank released the EP In Tongues that reached number 58 on the Billboard 200. His music is described as re-mix of trip-hop and R&B.


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