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Faze Temperrr Net Worth

Faze Temperr Net Worth 2020

Faze Temperrr is a YouTube gamer and the CEO of the Faze clan. He has amassed a huge number of followers on YouTube with more than 4.5 Million subscriptions. Today, let’s learn more about the career, Biography and net worth of Faze Temperrr in 2020.

Early Life and Biography

Faze Temperr Net Worth 2020

Faze Temperrr was born Thomas Oliveria in Brazil on August 25th, 1993. He was born and raised by a single mother, and he had one sibling whom he says he loves a lot.

Not much is known of his childhood or education background, but he is said to have come from a big family in Brazil. Faze, and his mother and sister relocated to New York, and they settled there permanently. He lives together with other Faze Clan members in Los Angeles.

Personal Life

Faze was dating Sassy Lin in the year 2013 but they later broke up. He then got together with a fellow YouTuber and gamer Megan who goes by the name of OpTicJewel. Their union did not last long, and they broke up. Faze is currently in a romantic relationship with Tasha.

Apart from being a gamer, Faze has his own fashion line and sells things like t-shirts, jackets, and hoodies which bear the FaZe Clan sign.

He is said to have a very luxurious life, and in 2012 he bought a BMW i3.

Career, Awards, and Nominations

Thomas started FaZe Clan in 2010 together with some of his friends. The YouTube channel competes in games like Call of Duty, Overwatch among others. The channel has become very popular over the time and has a big number of following.

Faze co-owns the FaZe Clan company with other gamers, and he is the company’s CEO. The company had just a few members at first, but with time the number of its members has grown to a bigger number.

The company has two main sponsor Scuf Gaming and GFuel Energy which also happens to be its partners. Under the leadership of Faze, the company has grown in the past few years and has more than 65 video-makers and gamers at the moment. Faze has also assigned more than five people as video editors to ensure they produce the best quality.

Although this YouTuber has never won an award or nomination, his success and achievement have earned him great recognition globally. He has made a clear mark in making videos and playing games.

Net Worth and Earnings

The young gamer has amassed a net worth of $4 Million. Most of his wealth has come from his video games on YouTube. He has also gained a lot from the sponsors and also from the sales on his fashion line. He has a lot in store for us as he is still very young and active.

Faze Temperrr started a career as a gamer out of just a mere hobby and he has finally made it big time so far. His hard work has resulted in a very successful career at such an early age. With the commitment and dedication that he has, we certainly expect him to rise very high in the future.


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