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Faze Banks Net Worth

Faze Banks Net Worth 2020

Who is Faze Banks? Social media has grown in the recent past. Many young people have used it as a communication tool, and some have taken advantage to make a lot of money from it. Faze Banks is not new to fans of “Call of Duty” for his numerous uploaded scenes on YouTube. What has he achieved from being an active member of social media? We will discuss the net worth of Faze Banks in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Faze Banks Net Worth 2020

Whereas some people get wealth from inheritance, some start from almost nothing and becomes a celebrated figure. In 1991, Faze, whose real name is Richard Bengtson was born in Lawrence, Massachusetts. He relocated to Lowell where he studied. In 2010, he graduated from Lowell High School.

There is no information known about his family through the internet. He developed a love for video games and put more emphasis on it when he was young. He learned many tricks that made him competitive among other players.

He went to Miami and started “BanksHasBanks” channel on YouTube. Banks had the ambition to become a vlogger and an expert in video gaming. His channel got approximately 200 thousands of subscribers in the first year. His dream became a reality when he was invited by the “FazeClan” to join them in 2013. Bearing in mind that FazeClan is very famous, it is not a shock that he acquired more than a million the following year.

Personal Life

Love is strange. It finds its way to wherever you are and whatever you are committed to. As you would expect, he is in a relationship to a social media celebrity since 2017. Any clue who she is? She is an Instagram star, Alissa Violet. Although they are not married, their love is evident through their posts both on Twitter and Instagram. Let’s hope that this young love brings out a marriage in future.

Banks and Alissa live in Clout mansion together with other clan members. He has tattoos in his hands which cost him approximately $250 per hour during their inking.

Ricegum, a fellow YouTuber gifted Banks a Ferrari.

Career Awards & Nominations

Most people do not have an idea of what profession they want to pursue in life when they are younger and Faze Banks was not an exemption. He had a passion for gaming, and that was what he loved most. This is what made him be the current CEO of Faze Clan gaming group that he joined in 2013. The breakthrough in his life was when he started a YouTube channel which currently has over 4.5 million subscribers. In October 2011, he started posting videos that were grounded to the Call of Duty video.

With time he changed the videos to the reaction after posting pranks for a period. His channel has more than 77 million viewers. Faze Banks has attracted millions of followers on Twitter and Instagram. He is a lover of music and therefore he has been writing and producing songs.

Net Worth & Earnings

The self-declared internet gangster has acquired a good tangible treasure from YouTube. Like many other rich people, reliance on only one source of income is a rare case. Banks have lots of money from merchandise that he and other clan members own. He makes about $1,700 to $29,700 every month from YouTube and up to over $300,000 annually. How much is he worth? The estimated net worth of Faze Banks is $1.5 million due to his increasing reputation. That is a good amount for those who want to earn online.

Banks is a role model for video game lovers who would like to participate in gaming while making money at the same time. This helps to avoid addictive behavior that brings out irresponsibilities in life.


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