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Alissa Violet Net Worth

Alissa Violet Net Worth 2020

Alissa Violet is an internet sensational celebrity who is richly famous for being a remarkable vine star. Alissa is also a popular personality in various social media platforms such as Youtube and Instagram. Alissa has become a sensational Youtube and Instagram star at a very young age. She is very active in uploading various activities for her fan followers over the internet. Ever since she has become popular, Alissa frequently posts her pictures and videos on her social media account to be connected with her fan followers. Let us find out the net worth of Alissa Violet in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Alissa Violet Net Worth 2020

On 12 June 1996, Alissa Violet was born in Ohio in the United States, and thus she was born with American nationality. There is not much known about Alissa Violet’s parents, her childhood, and her educational background.

Personal Life

It was in the news that Alissa Violet was into a relationship with Jake Paul, but the couple broke up in the year 2017. Next, Alissa dated Faze Bank who was a YouTube star by profession. Presently, the couple is dating each other to date.

Career, Awards & Nominations

Alissa Violet started off her career at a very young age where she developed a keen interest in uploading 6 seconds videos on her Vine channel. Soon, she has earned over 600.000 followers which are highly significant to imagine. But in 2017, the Vine entertainment network got shut down due to some inevitable circumstances.

Next, Alissa becomes an active member of the group ‘Team 10’ along with five other active members.

In 2015, Alissa came up with her own YouTube channel and started uploading videos to her own channel.

In addition to this, Alissa Violet has also appeared in several of the films such as ‘Party in the Back’, ‘The Deleted’, ‘It’s Everynight Sis’, and many others.

Net Worth & Earnings

The entire detailing shows what potential lies in Alissa Violet which has made her achieve the soaring height of success and fame abundantly. This has completely changed the aura of Alissa Violet where she has grown as a newbies vine star leaving behind another newbie over the internet. Therefore, the total estimated net worth of Alissa Violet is about $1 million approximately.

This fast-growing YouTube star has been acknowledged globally for her high potential and the urge to dream bigger and bigger. She has been now the trending vine star over the internet where she has shared her activities enthusiastically that has won the hearts of million people across the internet.


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