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Scott Hall Net Worth

Scott Hall Net Worth 2020

Scott Hal is a retired American wrestler. Hall is known for his WWE name ‘Razor Ramon’ and played differently in different formats include World Championship Wrestling, World Wrestling Federation, and World Wrestling Entertainment. He becomes WWF Intercontinental Champion four times and WCW Heavyweight Championship two times in his career. Moreover, he also received WCW World Television Champion single time and World Tag Team Champion nine times in his career. Now let’s have a close look on the net worth of Scott Hall in 2020.

Early Life and Biography

Scott Hall Net Worth 2020

Scott Oliver Hall was born on October 20, 1958, in St. Mary’s County Maryland. He was raised in the army brat and only moves one time in a year. His graduation was completed from Munich High School situated in Germany.

Personal life

Hall married to Dana Lee Burgio in 1990, and their relationship lasts long till 1998. The main reason for their divorce is the drug addiction of Hall. After a year, they again lived with each other, but within two years they again divorced. They have two children Cassidy Lee who was born in 1995 and Cody Taylor in 1991.

Career, Awards, and Nominations

Scott has started his career in the field of wrestling. He joined NWA after completing 18 years and played for Florida Territory Championship. His training was started with Dan Spivey under the supervision of Rhodes along with Barry Windham and Mike Rotunda. He has made his first debut while playing tag team match with Jim Crockett. Their match was held on Starship eagle ring where they made the debut as American Starship.

After his debut, he appeared in NWA Central States Tag Team Champions and played in the opposition of Marty Jannetty where he has to face the loss.

In 1985, he joined AWA and got the stage name as Magnum Scott. He was known as the wrestler who is having a babyface. The promoter wanted him to be like Hulk Hogan and followed his routine to become a classy player. He appeared in the tag team match with the partner Curt Hennig and built a strong wrestling career. His team won the AWA World Tag Team Championship while playing in front of Steve Regal and Jimmy Garvin in New Mexico. Later, he had to face loss against Doug Somers and Budd Rose and lost his belt with the interference of Colonel.

In 1989, he returned to NWA and played under Jim Ross. He made his appearance while paying at The Great American Bash and take part in King of the Hill Battle Royal. After, he played with Miguel Perez who defeated him in the WWC Caribbean Heavyweight Championship.

Net Worth and Earnings

Scott Hall has earned the total net worth of around $4.5 million. His salary is $95 thousand on the annual basis. He received earning while playing different events of Wrestling like WWF, WWE and more. Moreover, he also received a huge amount of offers for playing in different places.

Hall is a retired Wrestling player who has made his name in the Wrestling career. He started playing from the very young age and continues his training under the supervision of Rhodes. Later, he played several big events and named himself in the history of Wrestling.


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