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Kevin Owens Net Worth

Kevin Owens Net Worth 2020

Kevin Owens has become a household name and especially for the lovers of wrestling. He has been in the world of wrestling for some time now, and the number of his fans is growing bigger by day. Let’s continue reading to know more about the early life, biography and net worth of Kevin Owens in 2020.

Early Life and Biography

Kevin Owens Net Worth 2020

Kevin Owens is a French-Canadian and his official names are Kevin Yanick Steen. Kevin Owens is 33 years of age as he was born on the 7th of May in 1984 and he hails from Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu Quebec, Canada. Owens is a mix of Canadian and French descent. Although Owen has tried to keep his family private as much as he can, his brother Edward Lower is a bit known to the public.

Kevin Owens first language is French. He, however, managed to learn English when he was a teenager by watching Monday Night Raw. He loved the show, and he always tried to imitate whatever he heard. Although he was gifted in many sports including hockey, baseball, and soccer, he decided to become a professional wrestler after watching WrestleMania XI videotape. The match in question was between Shawn Michaels and Diesel.

Personal Life

Despite the demands and sensitivity of his career, Kevin Owens is a committed husband to Karina Steen. The two have been married for more than a decade now and are blessed with two kids; son Owen who is named after Owen Hart. Their daughter’s name is Elodie Leila.

Career, Awards, and Nominations

Owens’ first wrestling match took place at L’Assomption, Quebec on May 7th 200 which was his 16th birthday. He wrestled with different Canadian promotions after undergoing four years’ wrestling shifts with the promotion of Rougeau.

His first International Wrestling Syndicate (IWS) happened at Born to Bleed on 16th August 2003. in 2004, Owen won his first International Wrestling Syndicate World Heavyweight Championship after defeating El Generico. In October the same year, he managed to defend the title internationally. However, he lost it on 16th February 2008 after he lost to El Generico. One month later, he won it back after beating Max Boyer.

Owen started wrestling for (PWG) Pro Wrestling Guerilla in 2005 and managed to earn the PWG Championship title. He has won different titles since he joined the PWG including the famous PWG World Tag Team Championship with El Generico as his teammate. In 2008, he left the PWG and joined Ring Of Honor (ROH) as a way of building his career. He, however, rejoined the team again in 2010.

Net Worth and Earnings

The net Worth of Kevin Owens is estimated at $13.5 million. This is majorly from the many matches he has been involved in and the many titles won. This is considered to be a lot of money since he has been in the professional wrestling giant (WWE) for only two years now.

Kevin Owen is the pride of many Canadians as he has managed to win different titles that have never been won by any other Canadian in wrestling. Kevin Owen is climbing the success ladder of wrestling at a very high rate and his net worth is expected to change very soon.


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