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Eddie Alvarez Net Worth

Eddie Alvarez Net Worth 2020

Eddie Alvarez or Edward is an American Mixed martial artist. Edward has fought in MMA, DREAM Promotions, and ProElite’s Elite XC. He is the only fighter who has won fights in both UFC and MMA. Edward’s remembering fights are with Anthony Petties, Aoki, Rafael dos Anjos and many popular fighters. In the fighting world, he is known by the title “The Underground King”. To know more about the net worth of Eddie Alvarez in the year 2019 keep reading.

Early life and Biography

Eddie Alvarez Net Worth 2020

Edward was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. in Kensington on January 11, 1984. He completed his schooling at northeast catholic high school. He was interested in fighting during his school days and hence after finishing his schools, he decided to make it his profession. He belongs to an Irish and Puerto Rican Background. After Edward’s financial success he helped his family to move out of Kensington after the birth of his first son Eddie Jr. During his childhood, Eddie liked to play with neighborhood friends.

Personal Life

Eddie got married to the love of his life, Jamie Alvarez whom he met during one of his fight tours. Before getting married, they dated each other for a while. Eddie is the father of three children, namely Anthony, Alister Alvarez and Eddie Jr.

He lives with his wife and children in Northeast Philadelphia. Other than wrestling Eddie loves to watch TV and spend time with his family. He doesn’t have a mysterious hidden life, and he loves to wear fashionable funky outfits.

Career, Awards, And Nominations

Eddie started his career after completed his schooling. His first participation was in “Ring of Combat 5” in which he defeated a much-known fighter Anthony Ladonna by one point. His winnings list got bigger after that and he won consistently for 2 years. In the year 2005, he won three matches in Europhia championship where he was representing the USA.

He took part in Bodog fight in the year 2007 but did not win. His body size gave the disadvantage. He careers completely changed when he joined Bellator Fighting championship because he was the first ever winner of this fight. He won against Toby Imada by using a rear naked choke.

Eddie gets his title namely “The underground King”. He won Bellator lightweight championship for consecutively two times. He also has the MFC Welterweight Championship. Some other winnings are UFC lightweight championship, Bodog Fight Welterweight Championship etc.

Net Worth And Earnings

Edward has a staggering net worth of around $10.5 Million which he earned through his bonus awards and fights. On social sites, he got a huge fan base and also does branding for some renowned companies thus getting that net worth.

Edward is a wrestling lover since school days. He has three children and a wife Jamie Alvarez. He has won many fights and championship trophies. He is known as The Underground King. Eddie is a great wrestler and right now he is fighting for UFC in America.


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