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Dolph Ziggler Net Worth

Dolph Ziggler Net Worth 2020

Born is an American professional wrestler. He is currently signed to WWE and is better known by his ring name, Ziggler. The wrestler is now in his sixth reign as the Intercontinental Champion in the WWE. He also performs on the Raw brand. Let’s find out more about the net worth of Dolph Ziggler in 2020.

Early Life and Biography:

Dolph Ziggler Net Worth 2020

Born in Ohio on July 27, 1980, Dolph Ziggler, also known as Nicholas Theodore Nemeth went to a high school in Lakewood where he began his wrestling career as an amateur. He holds several school records with a maximum of 82 pins in a job. It was during his presence in the St. Edward team that the school won the National Championships twice.

Between the years 2000 and 2003, Nehemeth practised wrestling at Kent State University. He won 121 games during this time. He also had the title of All-Mid-American Conference champion for three years in a row, (2000-2003) in the 165 lb tournament.

Personal Life:

Nehemth had settled on becoming a professional wrestler at the age of 12. He later revealed that he chose the name ‘Dolph’ because it was his grandfather’s name while ‘Ziggler’ was decided by his friends. He is the oldest of three brothers one of which, Ryan, is also a professional wrestler. Besides sports, Nehemeth also holds a graduate degree in Political Science with a Kent University’s pre-law minor. Before he could start his first semester in the law school at Arizona State University, he got a chance in the WWE tryout. Ziggler was then a resident of Phoenix, Arizona. The WWE champion is also adept in ASL (American Sign Language).

Career, Award, and Nominations:

It’s interesting to note that he was assigned to the WWE developmental territory Ohio Valley Wrestling as “Nick Nemeth” after signing a contract with them in 2004. He lost a championship match against then-champion Ken Doane on August 2005 in what turned out to be an unsuccessful challenge.

He made his television debut on November 2005 on an episode of Sunday Night Heat show where his wrestling debut came as an episode. The wrestler was sent back to the Ohio Valley Wrestling after a few months of training in dark matches and at house shows. Nemeth adopted the name ‘Nicky’ during late 2005 when he became a part of ‘The Spirit Squad,’ a group of 5 wrestlers who impersonated in-ring cheerleaders. After several victories as well as defeats, the group broke on an episode of Raw on 2006. He has also starred in a few movies, television shows, Web Series, and of course the WWE network originals.

Net Worth and earnings:

Now, what can be the net worth of such an acclaimed WWE Champion? This TV, as well as a movie star, boasts a net worth of a whopping $3.5 million. Being a four-time Intercontinental Champion, it doesn’t come as a surprise that he bagged $9,00,000 from the WWE itself at the end of the year 2015.

This champion of a wrestler started out young and from a tender age began to trace his career graph with double the number of victories compared to his defeats. His TV and movie appearances have made him more popular amongst WWE enthusiasts.


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