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Wally Amos Net Worth

Wally Amos Net Worth 2020

Wally Amos is a popular American TV personality who is also an author and an entrepreneur. He founded the Amos chocolate chip cookie brand and is currently dependent on the same for his earnings. Wally has been a personality with a large number of fans due to numerous acting skills on the TV. He has played some famous characters on the American TV shows that enhanced his popularity. Let us check out the net worth of Wally Amos in 2020.

Early Life and Biography

Wally Amos Net Worth 2020

Wally was born on 1 July 1936. He started learning cooking from the early days of his life, and his aunt helped him developing chocolate chip cookie recipe cooking skills. He moved to the Manhattan with his Aunt after his parents divorced. He owned a famous brand of the same in the present time. After graduating from the college, Wally joined the US Air Force. After completing his services for the same employer, he later joined the William Morris Agency. It was in the year 1975 when he set up a store of his own for selling his cookies. He successfully started that business with the help of a loan.

After making his brand popular, he switched to TV shows and appeared in many of them as a guest and a full-time character. He has also written ten books with self-help theme. As he had a diploma in literacy, he helped many of the people in proper reading and utilizing their knowledge.

Personal life

There is not much information about Wally Amos’s personal life.

Career, Awards & Achievements

Wally Amos struggled a lot in his career. Although he setup a popular cookie company in the US, soon he was forced to sell the same. The reason was financial troubles. Presently he owns The Uncle Noname’s Cookie Company. In one of his books, he stated about his early success story and the struggle he made to uplift his career.

Wally Amos was one of those Americans who got success in the very early years of starting their business. His Muffins brand was quite famous, and he was a well-known personality among the kids and the adults. However, the sales of the company were largely declined, and he made a lot of attempts to grab the hold on the market. Wally started hosting a popular TV show after this and also appeared in one of the reality shows on the TV

Net Worth & Earnings

Wally Amos total net worth is $50 thousand. Although he generated a lot of money from the muffins brand, he started in partnership. The same was made available at more than 3500 stores across. He sold the stakes of the company many times, and it was heavy debts that cut down his total savings upto a great extent.

Wally spends a lot of time in his life as being an actor which he always wanted to be. Although he didn’t get much success in that, he still worked hard and is known to be a person with a solid sense of humor. Wally has popular because of the skills that attracted the attention of many TV producers in America towards him.


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