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Tony Beets Net Worth

Tony Beets Net Worth 2020

A television persona and the famous gold miner Tony Beets may be unknown to many, but one must read about this person. People got to know Beets after he appeared in the program Gold Rush in Discovery channel. He is also a legendary figure in Klondike for his skills in gold mining. The journey started as a machine operator, and now he is one of the most popular gold miners in the Klondike region.

The Gold Rush episodes are the best ones to know more about Tony, but now, let us quickly go through the early and personal life, career, awards, achievements and the net worth of Tony Beets in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Tony Beets Net Worth 2020

Tony Beets was born on the 15th of December in the year 1959 in Wijdenes, Netherlands. He shifted to Burgwerd with his parents at the age of seven. The responsibility of the family farm came on Tony’s young shoulders due to his father’s disability. Tony started working from a very early age and faced the hardships before doing something big in life. There are no such education details found anywhere about him.

Personal Life

Tony started dating Minnie when she was 20 years of age. Just after four years of dating, Beets got married to Minnie in the year 1984. After that, he shifted to Canada with his wife. Minnie at present is handling the family business. The couple gave birth to five children among whom four are alive as the fifth child expired in the year 1992 during infancy. The names of the two sons and two daughters of Tony are Michale(Mike), Kelvin, Monica and Bianca respectively.

Career, Awards & Nominations

Due to Tony’s scepticism regarding the future of the farming in the Netherlands, he shifted to Canada in the year 1980 and started a dairy farm in Salmon Arm. After working there for some time, a new goal took birth in his mind regarding the mines as Tony had overheard some facts about it. Beets bought a ticket and reached Whitehorse to find a job in gold mining. In some time he settled in Yukon as a worker in a gold mine, and since then things changed in Tony’s Life. In the year 2010, Tony with his family appeared in the second season of the show Gold Rush in Discovery channel. He has also made an appearance in the fourth season of the same show.

There are no such specific awards given to Toby, but this man’s contribution in gold mining is immense. All over the world people who are related to mining knows him by name. It is inevitable that after Gold Rush Tony Beets became a celebrity.

Net Worth & Earnings

Tony has an estimated net worth of $17 million till date. Gold miners are rich people, and Tony owns a mine of himself. Apart from it he also participates in the reality show, Gold Rush. Maybe Tony has started his life in the midst of stress and hardships, but eventually, he has proved his worth.

There are many people unknown about who Tony Beets is. For them, this writes up will be a great help in the beginning. Tony became a celebrated person after his appearance in the show Gold Rush. The best part about Tony is that he is an active participant in all social media platforms. Tony Beets may not have big fame like any other celebrity, but his achievements inspire a lot. As said in the beginning if you still haven’t watched Gold Rush, watch it now to see this man about whom you have read.