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Rooster McConaughey Net Worth

Rooster McConaughey Net Worth 2020

Rooster McConaughey’ real name is Michael Patrick McConaughey, and he is a famous American businessman and TV personality. He is the elder brother of Matthew McConaughey who has won Oscar award. Rooster has accumulated huge wealth with his business of oil field pipes and other investments. You must be interested in knowing the net worth of Rooster McConaughey in 2020, and you can continue to read information about him and his life.

Early Life & Biography

Rooster McConaughey Net Worth 2020

Rooster was born on 2nd August in the year 1954 in Houston, USA. He has got two brothers named Matthew and Patrick among whom Mathew has won Oscar. When he was just 12, he started working with his father in Texas Oil fields. He got the whole knowledge regarding the oil fields with his father. He got his admission in Stephen F. Austin University in Nacogdoches, Texas

Personal Life

His name is quite a suspicion for his fans, but his nickname came out after his strict father locked him in the chicken coop. He used to do this for punishing Michael and then the neighbors started calling his son Rooster. He became very strong because of these things as he was the eldest brother.

He got married to Marsha Smyth on 5th December in the year 1974 and then had a child with her in the age of twenty-one. They got divorced in the year 1977, and later Rooster married Georganne Hurt on 6th October 1984. They are living a happy married life, and they have two children.

Career, Awards & Nominations

He started working when he was twelve years old along with his father in the oil fields. He got to earn a million amounts when he used to sell and buy oil pipes. Though he lost this amount in one year, it didn’t take him a lot of time to earn it again. He takes a lot of risks in his business as he is an owner of multimillion businesses. He has got a company named DGM Supply, and this company is involved in the construction of the equipment which is needed in the oil fields. He works for real estate and entertainment world also. He gained recognition when he came on TV reality show named West Texas Investors Club.

Net Worth & Earnings

The net worth of Rooster McConaughey is around $65 million. He has earned this much amount by investing in oil fields. Although, he is famous for his oil field pipes dealings he also invests in real estate, media, technology, and livestock. He has been able to earn good money by working hard and with full dedication.

A famous businessman who has worked hard from his younger age is none other than Michael Patrick (Rooster) McConaughey. When his neighbors made fun of him, he didn’t have weaker instead he appeared as a strong boy who started doing business in his early age which gained him the opportunity to become a millionaire soon. He has also appeared in TV reality show as he is counted as one of the successful investors and businessmen.


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