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Rodrigo Alves Net Worth

Rodrigo Alves Net Worth 2020

Rodrigo Alves is a renowned British media personality as well as an actor who got much of his popularity following his transformation into the breathing form of the doll Ken. Following his transformation, he has undergone more than 103 cosmetic procedures together with 51 surgeries. He has been known on a stage name as Human Ken Doll. Here are the complete details about the career, biography and the net worth of Rodrigo Alves in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Rodrigo Alves Net Worth 2020

Rodrigo Alves was born on 30th July in the year 1983 in Sao Paulo, Brazil-born to his father who is a billionaire known as Roserval Alves. He has a British nationality in which he moved to London while he was at the age of 19 years. His father is a British who contributed in them moving to London from Brazil. He was from a middle family which commenced with farming though the family later developed their business and moved to include property, shopping centres together with supermarkets.

Rodrigo Alves, he got his first plastic surgery while at the age of 17 years on a procedure known as gynecomastia. He then went together with the family to London where he went for his higher studies at the London College of Communication in which he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations. He got much of his assets and money from a fortunate inheritance from his grandparents.

Personal Life

Rodrigo Alves has kept his personal life as a secret in which less is known about his personal life, and no rumours have been traced on his personal life.

Career, Awards & Nominations

Rodrigo Alves have been known to brave more than 103 cosmetic procedures coupled with more than 51 plastic surgeries. The surgeries done to him include the silicone chest implants, 10 rhinoplasties, a butt lift, hair implants, surgically implanted eight-pack abs, an eye augmentation procedure, and a smile corrector. Following this, he has had a resemblance of the Barbie Doll’s male counterpart making him be dubbed as human Ken doll. He has spent more than €400,000.

In addition to this, Rodrigo Alves has also been featured in several television shows with more than 60 television shows where he has been featured. In addition to this, he has also moved to several conferences globally. he has been seen and featured in some of the popular magazines covers such as; InTouch Weekly, Forbes, Us Weekly as well as GQ. He is also represented in the London-based modelling agency, Ugly Modes. Following his contribution and achievements, he has won several awards such as The Aesthetic Academy Awards among other awards.

Net Worth & Earnings

Rodrigo Alves has an estimated net worth of more than $35 million. This is from the earnings he has gained through his career and from his family. He got many assents as well as money from the inheritance from his grandparents who were very wealthy. In addition to this, he has been featured in several television shows which have also contributed to his net worth.

Rodrigo Alves has had several nose jobs that led to complications leading to a hole in one of the nostrils making it small to breathe. He was however warned not to go for any other surgery as it would lead to his nose dropping off.