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Rick & Marty Lagina Net Worth

Rick & Marty Lagina Net Worth 2020

How many of you have watched the super-hot show, “The Curse of Oak Island”? Well, that show has attracted millions of viewers across the worldwide, and it has been the most watched TV show. Rick and Marty Lagina were the two superstars of “The Curse of Oak Island”. Let’s have a close look at the net worth of the Rick & Marty Lagina in 2020.

Early Life & Biography:

Rick & Marty Lagina Net Worth 2020

Rick and Marty are brothers. Lagina brothers were born in the Kingsford, Northern Michigan. Both of them were born and raised in the same family, and thus, they have an excellent understanding between each other. In the early years of the life, Marty was an engineer while Rick worked a postal service.

Personal Life:

Talking about the private life of the Lagina brothers then, Marty has a wife Olivia Lagina, and this couple has two sons: Alex and Maddie. Alex has followed his fathers’ footsteps, and he is also an engineer. Other family members of the Lagina family run a small business. There is no information available regarding the wife or children of the Rick Lagina.

Career, Awards & Nominations:

After the retirement in 2004, Rick decided to buy the Oak Island along with his brother, Marty. At that time, Marty was working as an engineer as well as he was running the company, Heritage Sustainable. In 2005, the sale of the Oak Island finally started. Many people placed bids. Dan Blankenship was the in charge of the Oak Island, and he gave the opportunity of buying the Island to the Lagina brothers. Thus, they completed their childhood dream.

After buying the Oak Island, both of them started working very hard to attract tourists to the Island. They hired a tourist’s company which helped tourists in understanding all the details, facts about the island. The efforts of Rick and Marty Lagina caught the attention of the History channel. Thus, popular show, “The Curse of Island” was started. The first episode of “The Curse of the island” was aired on the 5th January 2014. Till now, its five seasons which include 42 episodes were shown on the TV. Its 6th season will start on the 13th November 2018 and will consist of 30 episodes. So, be ready to watch the 6th season.

They had not received any awards, but it is rumoured that soon they will get an award for their excellent work in the “The Curse of Island”.

New Worth & Earnings:

Guessing the net worth of the Rick and Marty Lagina. They have a combined net worth of around $113 million. The net worth of the Marty Lagina is approximately $110 million while Rick’s net worth is about $3 million. Though they are now become old, they still run their businesses successfully. They also believed in doing social work and has helped many people by giving food, shelter and clothes.

There is one thought that has inspired millions of people and even Rick and Marty Lagina. That one thought is “Work such that even that the work is proud of you”. Marty and Rick rise to the fame due to the show, “The Curse of Oakland”. Hat’s off to the dedication of the Rick and Marty Lagina.