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Rachel Maddow Net Worth

Rachel Maddow Net Worth 2020

Rachel Maddow is an American TV host who is popular for her political commentary. She hosts the show The Rachel Maddow Show due to which she made a name in the TV industry. There is a radio talk program in the same name that is aired on Air America Radio. Rachel is the first lesbian anchor hosting a major news program who openly confessed about her sexuality. Today, let’s learn more about the career, biography, and net worth of Rachel Maddow in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Rachel Maddow Net Worth 2020

Rachel was born on 1st April 1973 in California. Her father was a US Air Force Captain and a former lawyer. Her mother was a school administrator. Rachel grew up in a very conservative Catholic community. She was extremely athletic and used to be a regular volleyball and basketball player.

Castro Valley High School is where she graduated from, and she went on to attend Stanford University. She did her post-graduation from Oxford’s Lincoln College. She won multiple awards and scholarships during her graduation and post-graduation.

Personal Life

It was during the University days that she confessed to being a lesbian. An interview of her was published in the college newspaper stating her sexuality and only after that, she confessed the same to her parents. She is the first openly lesbian America to win the prestigious International Rhodes Scholarship.

Due to her profession, she has to travel to a lot of cities, and in 1999, she met the artist Susan Mikula who became her life partner. The couple is still together enjoying a lesbian relationship.

Career, Awards, & Nomination

Maddow started her professional life being a radio host in 1999. In the meantime, she won a radio host content and hosted Big Breakfast on WRSI for two straight years. She left the show and co-hosted Unfiltered until cancellation. Finally, in 2005, she got her own two-hour weekend program named The Rachel Maddow Show. It became popular, and the show was extended to three hours.

It was also in 2005 that she became a panelist on MSNBC show called Tucker. In 2008, she was the substitution host for Countdown with Keith Olbermann on MSNBC. The ratings peaked during the time she hosted the show. Due to her success, she got her own show named The Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC, and the rest is history. In no time, MSNBC dethroned CNN and Fox News in the ratings.

Apart from being radio and TV host, Rachel has a professional writing career. Her book named Drift has been The New York Times bestseller in the non-fiction category. She has also been a monthly column writer for The Washington Post.

Rachel Maddow has multiple Emmy Awards to her name which she won in 2011 and 2017. In 2017, The Advocate named her the Person of the Year. Her book was nominated for a Grammy Award in 2012. She has also voted the Lesbian Woman of the Year in 2008.

Net Worth & Earnings

How much net worth do you expect from a host who has her own TV and Radio show? Well, she has a net worth of $25 million, and her current annual salary is considered to be around $7 million. She is definitely an influencer, especially in the LGBT community. The primary sources are her TV and Radio show. A part of her income comes from her writing and being guest panelists in various political shows.

Rachel Maddow is a very courageous and outspoken person. The fact that she confessed about her sexuality behind a TV host has inspired many to be open about their sexuality. She maintains a healthy stay in her extremely busy life by exercising, sleeping properly, and fishing occasionally.


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