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Paul Abrahamian Net Worth

Paul Abrahamian Net Worth 2020

Paul Abrahamian is an American clothing designer and a television personality. He is best known as a two-time finalist on CBS Network’s show Big Brother. He is also a musician. Now let’s have a closer look at the net worth of Paul Abrahamian in 2020.

Early life and Biography

Paul Abrahamian Net Worth 2020

His full names are Paul Raffi Abrahamian. He was born in Tarzan, California, USA, on June 13, 1993. He is of American Russian descent. No information is available on his educational background, but he is said to be a graduate of Pepperdine.

Personal life

Paul lives a very private and quiet life, and very little is known about his own life. According to some tweets from 2014, a one Oana Gregory repeatedly mentioned her bearded boyfriend. She also shared pictures of Paul in her account.

The tweets stopped in 2015, and it is assumed the two broke up. Paul is known by many as a beard lover, and he has a beard that adds to his handsome look. He even once appeared on ‘The Beard Magazine’ for his beard.

Career, Awards, and Nominations

Paul Abrahamian was formally a guitarist and a member of a band called ‘Reviver.’ The band was featured on Absolute Punk’s ‘New Music’ list of the year 2013.

He entered into the Big Brother in 2016 as a house guest. He was put up for eviction six times, but he always survived. He kept pressing on with the show. He made it to the finals and was named the second runner-up.

He never gave up, and he returned to Big Brother season 19 on 23rd, June 2017. His return attracted both negative and positive views from all over. That season, he was only nominated once for eviction. He, however, was still not lucky as he landed the runner-up position yet again.

He appeared on Celebrity Big Brother which is a premier series of Big Brother spin-off. He later teamed up with former fellow contestant Da’Vonne Rodgers in the premier if CBS game show ‘Candy Crush.’ It features past Big Brother survivors and players.

As a clothing designer, Paul has a website called ‘Dead Skull Apparel’ where he sells his products. He deals with uniquely designed closet clothes.

Paul has not won any known awards or nominations so far. However, at Big Brother 18, he won the ‘Power of Veto’ three times as well as the ‘Head of House.’ The next season he won the ‘Head of the House’ title thrice and five times the ‘Power of Veto.’

Net worth & Earnings

The handsome Big Brother contestant has never disclosed his wealth, but he is estimated to be worth $1 million. Part of this has come from the two seasons he has contested at Big Brother. His apparel also brings him a good income. He is still in his prime years, and the sky is the limit for him.

Paul Abrahamian is a young and outgoing individual who knows exactly what he wants in life. After losing Big Brother 18, he never lost hope and went back the following season. He has many years ahead of him, and we expect to see him more on our screens in the days to come.


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