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Parker Schnabel Net Worth

Parker Schnabel Net Worth 2020

Parker Schnabel is a popular gold miner who is from America. His popularity emerged when he made cameo appearances in the TV reality series crafted in the discovery channel. The program is called Gold Rush and has attracted a huge following. Let’s take a review of the net worth of Parker Schnabel in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Parker Schnabel Net Worth 2020

Parker was born as Parker Russell Schnabel in Haines, Alaska in 1994 July. His father is Roger Schnabel and his mother, Nancy Schnabel. He also has a brother Payson who they grew up together. From since a very young age, Parker always showed interest in the gold mining area. This was characteristically shown by him spending time in the goldmine owned by his father when he used to visit him in the summer.

This was such an important experience as when he was just 16 he took control over the mine and handled it with great maturity and expertise. He graduated from high school in May 2012 where he participated in basketball and was captain. After that, he did not go to college and used the fees to promote his gold mining venture.

Personal Life

He met his girlfriend while he was in Australia and they have been dating for a while now. The name of his girlfriend is Ashley, and at first, they were not taking their dating life very serious. He has said that he has a very supportive girlfriend.

Career, Awards, & Nominations

Parker being still young has had a premature career. He had had a passion for gold mining from when he was very young to the extent that he would even refuse to leave the mining field. He planned to take over the leadership of the mining filed with his grandfather. When his grandfather finally stepped down, he was handed the lead and through experience, he comfortably integrated himself as the leader overseeing the daily operations of the Nugget mine. The only challenge he has endured is leading people who are twice his age, whom they felt was underage.

He notably rose to fame when he made a cameo appearance in the Gold Rush TV series in the discovery channel. In one of the episodes, he fully showed the viewers how he sacrificed and spent his whole college funds to expand the mining operations. This to an extent showed how much he is devoted to the business. The sacrifice proved fruitful as he extracted an unbelievable 1029 Oz worth of gold. He had also previously mined gold worth over $4 million. Since taking over, the mine has accumulated huge profits which prove he is well adverse and talented in the gold mining area, an ability that many miners wish for in their entire careers.

His most notable biggest achievement is that he once mined 1029 oz worth gold which had an estimated $1.4 million. This in itself is incredible for a one-time job. The fact that he was a teenager at the time also depicts that the achievement was incredible as many miners find it hard to achieve such an attempt.

Net Worth & Earnings

Despite his young age, Parker Schnabel has an estimated net worth value of $10 million. Most of his income arguably come from the gold mine field that he took over from his grandfather at an unbelievable age of just sixteen. His appearance at the TV reality show also contributes to his earnings as he is paid handsomely.

Parker is not just any other young lad out there in the world. The fact that he is willing to sacrifice makes him a worthwhile business minded man and also the guts to take responsibility at a very young age. He is an inspiration to the countless unemployed youth in the whole world. Bearing in mind he is still very young, the future is bright for him, and surely a lot is expected of him if he is to expand the gold mining venture further.


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