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Nick Groff Net Worth

Nick Groff Net Worth 2020

Nick Groff is a renowned American television personality, musician and a paranormal investigator. He is the lead investigator on a television series known as Paranormal Lockdown which has made him very popular. In addition to this, he was also known to be the co-investigator as well as the executive producer of the Ghost Adventures. Keep reading this article to know more about the net worth of Nick Groff in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Nick Groff Net Worth 2020

Nick Groff was born on 19th February in the year 1980 in San Jose, California in the United States with his full name being Nicholas Groff. He got raised in New England through which in his early life, he was a hyper child and very adventurous visiting many places without fear of exploration. He almost passed out while at the age of 8 years in which he had a fatal accident though his mother saved him through her quick thinking. He went to Pelham High School after which he then went to the University of Nevada from which he pursued a bachelor’s degree in film.

Personal Life

Nick Groff tied knots with his longtime girlfriend known as Veronique Roussel who they had previously dated for a long period of time. They had their marriage on 25th September in the year 2004 at Las Vegas. Since then, they have lived together happily, and they have two daughters known as Chloe and Annabelle, and they reside in Massachusetts together with the whole family.

Career, Awards & Nominations

Nick Groff had his first noted work while he became the editor as well as the cameraman on a show known as Vegas Stripped which was aired at the Travel Channel. After this, he was then featured as an executive producer as well as a co-investigator in a documentary-style film known as Ghost Adventures which was released in the year 2004. In this film, they collaborated with Aaron Goodwin and Zak Bagans in making it a success. Later on, Nick Groff announced of his exit from the Ghost Adventures in 2014 where he would not be featured in its upcoming season after he had been featured for ten seasons with Ghost Adventures. This was after his contribution on the film known as Ghost Adventures: Aftershocks in 2014.

In addition to this, Nick Groff was also featured in a television series known as Nightline in 2012. He also had his contribution in the Ghosts of Shepherdstown in 2016 as well as working as the lead investigator and an executive producer in a television series known as Paranormal Lockdown. He had had one of his most achievements through having many followers and subscribers to his social networks.

Net Worth & Earnings

Nick Groff has an estimated net worth of $1.5 Million. This is from the earnings he has made from his fortunate career which has been the major source of his earnings. He is very skillful in his work through which has seen him get his career established in the Ghost Adventures which gave him the most earnings. In addition to this, he is also featured in other films which have additionally provided him with more earnings.

Nick Groff has been considered in several shows as showmanship in which his investigation skills, as well as knowledge, give many solutions to several cases in a very amazing way. This has therefore given him much.


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