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Mike Holmes Net Worth

Mike Holmes Net Worth 2020

Most of us live life our way, but Mike Holmes had some other plans. A contractor whose net worth could baffle you. Mike Holmes is a Canadian contractor better known as a television host. ‘Holmes on Homes’ and ‘Holmes Inspection’ are two popular T.V series on Mike’s resume. Besides, he is also a businessman. Keep reading to know more about the net worth of Mike Holmes in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Mike Holmes Net Worth 2020

Michael James Holmes was born in Halton Hills, Canada on 3rd August 1963. His father Jim Holmes was an excellent craftsman whose work invoked creativity in him. His mother was Shirley Holmes. At the age of 12, Mike helped his father and uncle to build a basement. He got his first contract at 19.

Personal Life

Mike Holmes is a divorced father. He was previously married to Alexandra Lorex. Holmes met Lorex when they were teenagers and married her when he was 19. The couple has three children; Sherry Holmes, Amanda Holmes, and Mike Holmes Jr. The couple divorced at 30.

Mike is currently in a relationship with Anna Zappia. His son Mike Holmes Jr has also earned a lot of fame.

Career, Awards & Nominations

At 21, Mike Holmes was running two renovation companies. He hired 13 employees who worked for him. Mike Holmes got his first break in 2003 when he started his show ‘Holmes on Homes’ in Canada. The T.V show made him an overnight celebrity in New Orleans. In 2009, he was back with Holmes Inspection. It established him as a certified home inspector in the entire world. Since 2010, he has worked in dozens of T.V shows. He was a home inspector in them.

In 2009, he launched Mike Holmes inspection Company. His company is currently working on Eco-friendly and sustainable houses.

Besides being a contractor and T.V host, Mike has also written several books. Majority of these books were about construction. He published Make It Right: Kitchens and Bathrooms, Make It Right: Attics and Basements, and many more. Mike Holmes written books focused on how to build interiors of a home. His work was a real asset for many people.

Mike Holmes won the Gemini award in 2004. He bagged another Gemini award in 2009. In 2012, he was honoured by The Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal.

Net Worth & Earnings

As of now, the estimated net worth of Mike Holmes is around $35 Million. The sources of his income are T.V shows, Books, Business, and investments. He is also a philanthropist. The Holmes Foundation has provided scholarships and jobs to students. The foundation has always helped for charitable causes.

Mike Holmes is an individual who reflects a strong character. Being inspired by his father’s work, he managed to shine his fortune as a contractor. He is one of the successful and popular contractors alive on the planet. Let’s hope that his ecological houses project succeed.