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Michael Symon Net Worth

Michael Symon Net Worth 2020

Michael D Symon is a well-known chef from America. Apart from being a popular television personality, Michael is also an author. He has appeared in numerous TV food shows. For instance his appearances in popular shows like, “The Best Thing I Ever Ate” and “Iron Chef America” are noteworthy. Let’s find out more about the total net worth of Michael Symon in 2020 in the following article.

Early Life and Biography

Michael Symon Net Worth 2020

Symon born in Cleaveland has varied origin starting with Italian, Greek and some unknown European ancestry. Brought up in Ohio, Symon attended the Richard School and later graduated from Edward High School in the year 1987. He took part in various cooking contests from a young age. In the year 1990, he graduated from the famous culinary restaurant in Hyde Park.

Personal Life

Michael Symon is happily married to Liz Shanahan. Their story is quite interesting with Liz being one of the collaborators in her restaurants. Like Michael, Liz is also a vegetarian. Symon also has a stepson.

Career, Awards and Nominations

Symon started his initial restaurant career with the Player which was in the early nineties a Mediterranean restaurant in Lakewood. In the year 1993, he moved from the Lakewood restaurant to Piccolo Mondo where he worked as a chef. Later Symon moved to Caxton café. In the year 1997, Symon and his present wife opened the famous Lola restaurant in Cleveland. This restaurant is actually named after Symon’s aunt.

Back then the area was transforming to a hipster space which it is today. The restaurant Lola immediately acquired rave reviews from everyone ad soon became one of the best restaurants I the America gourmet scenario. In the year 2005, the restaurant changed from Lola to Lolita. It was again reopened for customers.

The very next year, the chef and his wife opened their third restaurant called the Parea. This joint catered good Greek food to their customers and was mainly handled by Jonathan who worked under the guidance of the Symon couple. The restaurant later closed because of many factors unknown. Symon then opened a restaurant called Roast in Detroit during the autumn of 2008. Then he opened a joint called Bar Symon and B Spot consecutively in the year 2009. Both of these places featured similar tavern style food to their customers.

Symon has opened many restaurants in the Cleveland area over the years. He has also appeared on television. Once he promoted the video game, “Cook or Be Cooked for Wii” which went on and released in the year 2009. He even appeared in the book, “The Soul of a Chef: The Journey Toward Perfection”. Symon even wrote his book with Ruhlman named, “Live to Cook: Recipes and Techniques to Rock Your Kitchen”. Symon has received a number of awards, including Iron Chef Award, Best Local Chef, Best Chef Great Lakes, and even an Emmy award for a talk show.

Net Worth and Earnings

A chef, entrepreneur, a television personality and a host, Michael Symon has a total net worth of $5 million. His restaurant earnings and TV appearances have contributed to his net worth.

Michael Symon is a well-renowned restaurant giant in America and has over the years created some of the best food joints in the Cleveland area. His contribution in developing the food scene in America is commendable.


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