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Mario Batali Net Worth

Mario Batali Net Worth 2020

He is a man well known to co-own many successful restaurants in different cities and other countries as well. Mario Francesco Batali is a jack-of-all-trades he is not only a trained professional cook but he a writer and a media celebrity. He has been featured as a chef on shows like ‘Iron Chef America,’ and ‘Molto Mario.’ To know more about the net worth of Mario Batali in 2020, read the following article.

Early Life & Biography

Mario Batali Net Worth 2020

The famous chef Batali is a son to Marilyn LaFramboise and Armandino Batali. His parents are of French and Italian origin. He was born in a seaport city called Seattle, Washington in 1960. He spent his high school years in Spain and after that became a student in the Rutgers University in New Jersey.

His zeal for food made him pursue further studies at the world’s most significant hospitality education institution commonly known as Le Cordon Bleu. Later on, he dropped out of the institution after an opportunity of traineeship that Marco Pierre White was giving him. He trained with the skilled chef Marco for three years and then relocated back to the US.

Personal Life

The wealthy chef, Mario Batali married Susi Cahn, the daughter of Miles and Lilian Cahn. However, he has been accused on several occasions for sexual harassment and sexual misconduct. His behavior almost cost him his career as various women came into the limelight accusing him of the bad behavior, and this leads him to take a leave of absence from his position at the company.

Career, Awards & Nomination

Mario Batali’s career as a chef started in his late twenties; he worked for prominent professional chefs like Jeremiah Tower in his restaurant known as Star located in San Fransisco. His name became famous after he appeared in the show ‘Molto Mario’ that aired for about eight years.

His success in the food industry was evident in 1998 he came together with Joe Bastianich and Lidia Bastianich to open a restaurant by the name B&B Hospitality Group based in New York City. The restaurant was acknowledged as one of the best, and since then, Batali has opened several other eateries around the city.

In 2011 to 2017, he was a co-host of the talk show ‘The Chew’ on ABC. Unlike other daytime shows, the said show focused on food-related topics and lifestyle as well. Together with his wife Susi Cahn, they founded the Mario Batali Foundation, which aimed at sponsoring different children’s educational programs and research in pediatric disease.

He has also served as a diplomat and a board director for a non-profit organization known as The Lunchbox Fund. The organization has helped in providing daily meals to students in Soweto, South Africa. Unfortunately, due to the allegations rallied against Batali announced that he would be stepping down from his role.

Batali has written various books on food such as ‘The Babbo Cookbook,’ ‘The Artist’s Palate,’ ‘Mario Batali Simple Italian Food: Recipe from My Two Villages,’ and many others.

He has won several awards and achievement due to his unique talent as a chef. To name a few, in 1999, he was named the ‘Man of the year’ in the category of chef and 2002 he was awarded the ‘Best Chef in New York City’ by the James Beard Foundation.

Net Worth & Earnings

He has an estimated net worth of $28 million. The source of his wealth is from the numerous restaurants that he co-owns around the world, the books he has written and the films and shows that he was featured. His progress has been a continued increment to his net worth.

His success cannot be ignored despite the various misconducted to his name. He has come a long way, and he will remain on the list of the best chefs all over the globe.


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