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Marilyn Milian Net Worth

Marilyn Milian Net Worth 2020

Marilyn Milian is an American based host of a famous show and a retired judge in state circuit court. Now she is having authority over The People’ Court which is a popular American released TV series. Milian is the initial Latina arbitrator who is having the authority on a court show. In this position, she has completed twelve and half seasons which makes her the longest presider. Now let’s have a close look at the Net worth of Marilyn Milian in the year 2019.

Early life and Biography

Marilyn Milian Net Worth 2020

Milian has taken birth in Manhattan on May 1, 1961, which makes her 57 years now. Her Cuban parents are, Father Jorge who was a contractor and Mother Georgina Milian was a house maker. Milian has a grip in both Spanish and English language. When Milian was eight years old, her parents shifted from Astoria, Queens to the Miami. She has completed graduation from St. Brendan High School.

Later she studied psychology in the University of Miami. She has completed her degree with 4.0 point grade. After that, she studied Law. She also worked at Harvard Law School as director of training.

Personal Life

Milian got married in her early 30s to John Schlesinger who is an American Based attorney and elected as 11th judicial for the Miami-Dade County. Milian and John had three children, and they all live together in Coral Gables, Florida. The three children are, Cristina, Alexandra, and Sofia born in 1996, 1998 and 2001.

Milian like to give support to the underprivileged communities and other like organizations. She likes to do charitable activities like a lighthouse for the help of blinds, Hope for the Vision and help for Children home society. Other than this, Milian likes to spend time with her family and watch TV shows.

Career, Awards, and Nominations

Her first big job was working as an assistant state attorney in the office of Dade County. Janet Reno was the person who appointed her to this job. 1999 was a big year for Milian as governor of Florida, Jeb Bush appointed her to Miami circuit court. In the Miami circuit court, her duty was in the criminal department.

Before this Job, she has spent over 5 years in the Miami county court. She became the No. one Hispanic judge on a popular English language TV show. She is on the list of the member of faculty, Miami school law.

She has also worked as a spokesperson for the FBI-SOS campaign.

Net worth and Earnings

Marilyn Milian has an estimated total net worth of $22 million. She has done so many jobs and worked hard to achieve this position. Her love towards her work helped her to make this fortune. She has so many followers and a supporter which she earned by working for the society.

Milian is a great personality who likes to do charitable activities and other activities beneficial for the society. She loves to spend time with her children at her home. Now, she is working as a host in popular American show “The People’s court”.


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