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Kody Brown Net Worth

Kody Brown Net Worth 2020

Kody Brown is a well-known American TV personality. He is a famous star of the renowned show Sister Wives and is a personality that every TV show lover in America knows. His multiple skills in acting are the reason why he had gathered a lot of fans in America. Let us find out the net worth of Kody Brown in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Kody Brown Net Worth 2020

Kody was born on the 20th day of January in the year 1969 and has spent the initial days of his life in Utah. He later shifted to Las Vegas with his family. Before joining the TV, Kody worked as a salesman.

Personal Life

He is currently living with his fourth wife. He first married on first April in 1990 with Meri, and the couple soon gave birth to a beautiful baby. He again married Janelle who was his second wife in the year 1993. In the very next year, he once again married to Christine and has six children from her.

Career, Awards & Achievements

The favorite TLC show which is entitled as “Sister Wives” in America is favorite because Kody is the lead actor of the same. The first series of this show also had his fourth wife in leading role. It has been said that the couple hide after the first season comes to an end. They again appeared in the second season of the show. Although he faced several legal issues as polygamy is banned in the US, he was acquitted of all the charges in the year 2012.

Due to his fame and popularity which went rising, presently he is hosting the third season of the show and is getting a lot of love and recognition from the fans.

Kody has been recognized as one of the best actors and has been nominated and won several awards in the American TV. In addition to Sister Wives, he had also appeared on many episodes of the Wendy Williams show which is also very popular in the US. Kody has raised a lot of money because of his excellent acting skills and was recognized by a lot of people especially during the third season of his show Sister Wives.

Net Worth and Earnings

The total net worth of Kody is $1.5 million. He raised most of the money after the third season started and the same was not very successful even after the end of the second season of the show. The third season of this show is highly successful and presents he is enjoying the best time of his life.

Kody is a man with sheer talent and dedication. He has a good number of fan followers, and he is being loved by a significant amount of audiences who loved his shows. Although Kody violated Polygamy law in the US, he is still liked by a lot of people in the US. He has been blessed with 18 children from his four wives.


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