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Jeff Lewis Net Worth

Jeff Lewis Net Worth 2020

Jeff Lewis is an interior designer and a real estate speculator who grew to fame through the TV show Flipping Out. Jeff became interested in the field of real estate from quite a young age drawing inspiration from his father, who was a successful real estate speculator himself. Scroll down to know more about the net worth of Jeff Lewis in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Jeff Lewis Net Worth 2020

Jeffery Thomas Lewis was born on March 24, 1970, in Orange County, California, the United States. Jeff attended the Mater Dei High School, and when he was 18 years old, his mother died of cancer. Jeff used to work with his father Tom Lewis in the real estate business when he was young, and he says that his father is a successful man who owns 11 apartments. Jeff attended the University of California to complete pre-law and later attended the Chapman University, where he got a degree in Political Science.

Personal Life

Jeff is in a relationship with Gage Edward. Gage is his business manager, and the couple has a daughter named Monroe who was born on October 25, 2016, through a surrogate. Jeff was rumored to be having a tensed relationship with his father and his step-mother, but they went on to gel well later, and his father even attended the birth of his daughter.

Career, Awards & Nominations

Jeff began his career as a real estate agent and went on to complete many deals through the knowledge he gained from working with his father. He struggled and learned a lot about the field, and in 2009 he opened his own interior design company.

In 2007, Jeff featured in the TV show Flipping Out, which showcases on the projects done by Jeff along with his manager Jenni, housekeeper Zoila, and boyfriend, Gage Edward. Jeff’s father has also accompanied him on some episodes of the show which was quite successful for ten seasons. He later appeared in the shows Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis and Property Envy.

Jeff was sued by Ashley Jensen and Terence Beesley in December 2008 who was living next to his site. They accused Jeff of breaching into their perimeter and building a deck in their area. They got a settlement of $30,000 from Jeff, and the deck was ordered to remain.

In 2010, Jeff got the offer to design House Beautiful’s Kitchen of the Year which he grabbed and completed in style. In 2013, Lewis started his own line of products such as tiles, paints, and doors.

Net Worth & Earnings

The interior designer is said to be making an income of $25,000 per month from his land business alone. Taking into account his interior designing, product stores, and TV appearances his net worth is estimated to be $10 million.

Jeff Lewis once revealed that, while he was young his father told him that “You get rich through your investments and not through your income, income is to live off”. It looks like the words make sense and can play a part in our lives too, as it did in Jeff’s life.


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