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Jay Morrison Net Worth

Jay Morrison Net Worth 2020

Jay Morrison is a popular American Mr Real Estate. Morrison is a successful investor, realtor, entrepreneur, social activist and Television personality. He also served as the CEO of Jay Morrison Brand along with Jay Morrison Academy. The Academy is an online school of real estate and for the different mentorship program. Before serving as Real Estate, he served as the drug dealer and arrested numerous times. Keep reading to know more about the net worth of Jay Morrison in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Jay Morrison Net Worth 2020

Jay Morrison was born to the low-income family on October 30, 1980, in Somerville, New Jersey. At the teenage, he started drug dealing to earn money and followed his neighbourhood. He failed three times in high school and finally decided to drop out and left studies. His childhood spent full of risk and trouble while dealing with drugs and meeting several big dealers.

Personal Life

Jay Morrison marital status is not yet explored his personal life and not even decided to marry. He is a straight person and making his all focus on his work rather than making an unusual relationship.

Career, Awards & Nominations

Jay Morrison is known as the drug dealer which he started at the very teenage. After working several years as a dealer, he decided to invest his money into positive work. While keeping in mind his personal experiences, he started investing in real estate. He made Academy for the students who can learn online about the real estate. The main aim of the academy is to provide knowledge to the people about wealth building, homeownership and financial literacy.

Before crossing the age of 30, he became the only African American realtor who was selected by Prominent Properties which was the branch of some famous Sotheby’s International Realty. He also made his focus on book writing and published ‘Hip Hop 2 Homeowners: How WE Build Wealth in America’ which helped him to receive more fame.

After watching his way of doing work, different businessman helped him to solidify his to become a professional real estate and also started providing services as the real estate expert on the show Today Show telecasted on NBC. Later, he came up as a guest in the show Open House NYC on the channel NBC. He always made positive changes in his business and also become a public speaker and television personality. His life success story documented on BET which featured on Hot 97 and NBC.

Net Worth & Earnings

Jay Morrison has an estimated net worth of $12 million. He received most of his earnings from real estate. While serving as a drug dealer, he earns $100 thousand annually. After positively investing his money, he becomes Mr Real Estate with the revenue of $3 million within two years.

Morrison is a famous personality known as entrepreneur, realtor and social activist. More than that, he was known as television personality and served as the expert of real estate for the NBC channel. His teenage was full of hard work, and he started drug selling to earn money. He was arrested a number of times and later changes his field and becomes one of the famous entrepreneurs of America.