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Gil Bates Net Worth

Gil Bates Net Worth 2020

Gil Bates is the name of a famous TV reality star and an entrepreneur. He is not alone in the limelight, but with his whole family, they are a team of celebrities. They appear in a favourite reality show on the television known as “Bringing Up Bates”. It comes on the Up TV. This show speaks of how all the 19 children of the Bates family are brought up. Gil and Kelly are the mains in this show. Here is a quick summary of the life, career and the net worth of Gil Bates in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Gil Bates Net Worth 2020

William Gilvin Bates popularly known as Gil Bates was born in 1965 on the 1st of January. It was in the South of California that he was born. Honea Path is the specific location. Jennifer and Greg Bates are his siblings with whom he was raised by his parents Jane and Bill Bates. He is American by nationality and has a white ethnicity. He has been too much into football from his infant days and started playing for eight years of his age. He went to Belton-Honea Path High School. Later he went to Anderson University.

Personal Life

While he was at the Anderson University, he met Kelly Jo Callaham. They had dated for a long time and finally married on 30th December 1988. Zachary was their first child and then came Michael Christian. They went on producing more and more kids and stopped only at the 19th child Jeb Colton in 2013. 9 of them are boys and the rest of the 10, girls. They try to dine together, the whole family and so they have a massive table for that.

Career, Awards & Nominations

Due to their large number of members they face a lot of financial problems. Gil has a tree cutting business of his own where some of his elder sons joined to help it grow. Gil is interestingly also an SC State Championship winner in wrestling of the year 1983. Lawson, one of his sons, opened his own lawn care business. When the proposal of “Bringing Up Bates” was made towards Gil he didn’t agree to it, but then he said yes, thinking that their story shall inspire the Americans.

The Bates belongs to the group of believers who don’t control birth thinking that it is God’s purpose. This show started in 2015 and was done with six seasons already by 2017. In 2008 they were introduced to the public in an episode of “17 Kids and Counting” as they were friends with the original cast of this show, the Duggar family. 2012 was the year of their new TLC show named as “United Bates of America” before Bringing Up Bates.

Net Worth & Earnings

Gil Bates has a net worth of around $400 thousand. His income source is the reality shows and the Bates business of tree excavation.

Gil Bates is an inspiration for many. He guides the viewers about how to retain the family love despite several difficulties and disagreements.