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Frank Fritz Net Worth

Frank Fritz Net Worth 2020

Frank Fritz is a famous person who has been able to earn money by collecting junk from his early age, and he is the one who has seen the worth of the materials which is considered as waste by most of the people. He is known to hold a modern recycle businessperson who sells antique material from his shop. He uses an online website to sell the materials, and he came into recognition when he became the host of the show American Pickers. If you are interested in checking the net worth of Frank Fritz in 2020, then you can read this article ahead.

Early life & Biography

Frank Fritz Net Worth 2020

He was born on 15th December in the year 1962, and at present, he is living in Davenport, Iowa, US. He is quite passionate about the bikes and has a beautiful collection of it. From an early age, he loved to collect old items and materials which every0one else thought of just junk and garbage.

He has worked as a fire inspector for twenty-five years of his life, but his earlier passion wasn’t out of his find. He is the friend of Mike Wolfe with whom he started the business and co-founded the company, Antique Archaeology. They also made a website with which they can sell materials to the people. Now, they are the host of television series which is telecasted on the history channel. This show was started in the year 2010.

Personal life

He has also had the Crohn disease which is a kind of inflammatory bowel disease, and he thinks that his illness is like a duck who only looks calm from outside but always paddle from inside. Rumors are that he has got a relationship with his friend, Mike and their gay rumors are spread among people.

Later on, it was revealed that these rumors were false because Mike is married to Jodi Faeth and both of our lives together from the year 2012 and both of them also have a daughter named Charlie. When it comes about the relationship of frank, then he is the person who has been kept quiet about his relationships. According to some claims, it is known that he has a girlfriend, but nothing is confirmed from his side.

Career, Awards & Nominations

At first, he used to work as a fire inspector, and he worked in this profession for a total 25 years but then his passion was to have his antique shop. He met Mike, and both of them started an Antique shop which is known to be an excellent collection of the unusual pieces of art and other things. He has been able to earn huge amount of money with this company, but his passion is not to earn money but recycle the old materials.

Net Worth & Earnings

The net worth of Frank Fritz is around $5 million which he has accumulated by working as a fire inspector for twenty-five years. He started working as the buyer and seller of antique items and then he founded his company along with his friend. He earns a huge amount of money for his company, Antique Archeology. He is also the host of series, American Picker which is telecasted on History Channel. This show is quite popular among all age groups, and that’s why the total eighteen seasons of this show has been aired till now.

Frank Fritz is a person who is a motivation for every citizen of the world because he believes in saving the old materials and reusing them. Due to the huge pollution, the earth is getting into danger but the step taken by him is helping the earth, and he is also earning a nice amount of money with this work.


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