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Dave Hester Net Worth

Dave Hester Net Worth 2020

Dave Hester, popularly known as “The Mogul” is a popular television personality and auctioneer. He is renowned for his work on the Storage Wars, which is a well-known American reality television series. Dave’s rivalry with his sibling on the same TV show becomes very popular. This guy is popular for his dubious and ambitious nature among the audience. Are you curious to check out the net worth of Dave Hester in 2020? If yes, then check out the complete post.

Early Life & Biography

Dave Hester Net Worth 2020

This amazing personality was born on 3rd July 1964 in the home of German and Irish descent parents in Oceanside, California. His father was military personnel who visit auctions in his free time for buying collectibles. When the teenagers of his age were choosing the college to study, Dave makes an interest in auctions due to his father’s influence. The only difference was that he takes this business seriously instead of just taking it as a hobby just like his father.

He even shops a toolset and machinery in an auction at the age of only 14 years. After that, Dave starts selling out the items to the military base stores that located in the Orange County. However, he attended his first professional auction in 1986. The real career of this talented personality began in 1992 when he becomes a storage auctioneer.

Personal Life

There is not much information available about the personal life of Dave Hester. The reason behind it is that he prefers to keep his private life away from the public. Dave’s mother was born in Mexico, whereas his father is of German & Irish descent. He has a brother who featured along with him in a reality show.

No one knows whether Hester is married or not. Furthermore, there is no clear-cut detail available about the relationships of Dave Hester. The only information available is that he is the father of a son whose name is Dave Jr. He is a fun loving guy who does lots of charity work and likes to enjoy fishing in his free time.

Career, Awards & Nominations

Hester starts his career by working as a bid catcher in 1990s. After that, he obtains a license and starts working as a bonded auctioneer from the year 1992. Hester then opened two shops with the name of Rags to Riches Thrift and Newport Consignment Gallery in Costa Mesa where he sold the things bought from the auctions.

He attains real fame after getting featured in the Storage Wars television series in 2010. This show talks only about the antique pieces and releases 11 seasons till now. Here, he becomes popular due to his conflicts with the fellow buyers like Darrell Sheets and Brandon. Furthermore, his huge feud with his brother helps the second season to get one of the best viewership in the A&E Network history. He also has a dispute with show’s producers and even gets fired. However, Hester returned later after sorted out things as a regular cast member.

Net Worth & Earnings

As of now, the net worth of Dave Hester is $4.5 million. He has earned a huge margin of profit with two of his shops that sell auctioned items. Also, he earned at least $0.8 million every year from the Storage Wars. Furthermore, he got various expenses like travel allowing, bonuses, etc. that helped him to earn so much money. All these things have helped him to have such great net worth.

It is always great to watch Dave Hester in the Storage Wars series. We believe he will continue working the same for many years.


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