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Darrell Sheets Net Worth

Darrell Sheets Net Worth 2020

Darrell Sheets became a household name for his portrayal of an auctioneer in the popular reality show “Storage Wars”. His acting skills and masculine physique helped him to win the hearts of the audience. Before entering the television industry, he was actively involved in storage hunting for more than two decades. Here’s a quick summary of the net worth of Darrell Sheets in 2020.

Early Life & Biography:

Darrell Sheets Net Worth 2020

Darrell Sheets was born in San Diego, California on 13 May 1958. He hasn’t disclosed much about his childhood except for the fact that he is of American origin. He was always passionate about storage hunting hence he turned his childhood passion into a profession when he grew up.

Personal Life:

In 2016, Darrell Sheets announced his engagement with Roman Synder who was an employee for HiCaliber Horse Rescue. Before his engagement, he was in a relationship with Kimber Wuefel for a short period of time. It is said that they both met each other while driving on the roads of California. He has a son named Bradon Sheets, but the information regarding his mother is yet unknown.

Career, Awards & Nominations:

Darrell Sheets started his career quite early and was working as a storage hunter for more than two decades before pursuing his acting career. His commitment towards his work has helped him in achieving huge success and wealth.

He used to buy and sell storage lockers of his own and has also tried to venture into various unconventional business. As time went by, he started working harder and found various unique objects including four drawings by Pablo Picasso and a handwritten letter by the former American President Abraham Lincoln.

Sheets was known for taking risks which later helped him earn a lot of wealth and respect in his business. He has also had some scary and dreadful experiences including finding a dead body in one of the storage lockers.

In 2010, the television show “Storage Wars” approached Darrell Sheets to be a part of it. The show also featured his son Brandon Sheets. He has appeared in all the nine seasons of the show till now. He has also made some guest appearances on other TV shows as well.

The veteran has not won an award but has many professional achievements throughout his career. He has found many unique treasures and has sold them for huge profits.

Net Worth & Earnings

His net worth is said to be more than $5.5 million. He has made this wealth by treasure hunting and appearing in the show “Storage Wars”. In the show, he buys storage lockers in the auction at low prices and sells them at the decent prices in any meet or on his online store.

His love for storage hunting has not only increased his net worth but also made him popular among his audience.

Darrell Sheets is known for his risk-taking abilities hence he is also known as “The Gambler”. Although there are some huge risks and almost no security in the storage locker business, still he was able to succeed in this career. He has earned a lot of respect as an auctioneer from his audience and the other people in his business.