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Chris Nunez Net Worth

Chris Nunez Net Worth 2020

Chris Nunez is a famous American entrepreneur, tattoo artist, presenter, and television personality. For almost three decades, Chris is most renowned as a tattoo artist. He is well-known for owning his shop, ‘Handcrafted Tattoo And Art Gallery’ shop in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Chris appears as a judge on television series ‘Ink Master’ of Paramount. Earlier, Chris was one of the tattoo artists of television series ‘Miami Ink’ of TLC. Continue reading to find the net worth of Chris Nunez as of 2019.

Early Life & Biography:

Chris Nunez Net Worth 2020

Chris Nunez (Christopher Núñez) was born on 11th April 1973 in Miami in Florida in the US. He was brought up in the neighborhood of Hollywood, Florida. Chris Nunez belongs to a Cuban family.

Chris was educated from Chaminade Madonna Prep School in Hollywood, Florida. Chris is trilingual and fluently speaks English, Portuguese and Spanish. During his teens, Chris Nunez painted graffiti that was encouraged by his father. When Chris was 18 years old, his father passed away. Chris toured in Ecuador and other South American countries. Chris is fluent in

Chris is single, and during his spare time, he enjoys partying with friends.

Career, Awards & Nominations:

After his achievement as a graffiti artist, Chris Nunez got interested in tattooing. He became an apprentice in the local tattoo shop. Initially, he worked in the background cleaning, fixing machines, running errands and likewise. Thus, Chris learned how to tattoo and its fundamentals. At age 16, Chris Nunez’s first tattoo design included the names of his parents. When Chris was 21 years old, he traveled across Europe where he worked and learned from famous tattoo artists.

Chris Nunez co-owns with the tattoo shop called ‘Handcrafted Tattoo And Art Gallery’ in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Later, in 2005, Chris Nunez and his friend, Ami James established another tattoo shop called ‘Love Hate Tattoos’ in Miami Beach, Florida. Since 2005, Chris Nunez co-owns the clothing Company ‘DeVille USA.’

Chris Nunez along with his friend and partner, Ami James appeared on the television reality show ‘Miami Ink’ of TLC network. This show was on the personal lives of tattoo artists working for ‘Love Hate Tattoos’ in Miami Beach. ‘Miami Ink’ was broadcast for six seasons, and it influenced three spin-off series. Of late, Chris appears a judge of Spike TV’s ‘Ink Master’ in which new tattoo artists compete showing their artistic skills.

Chris Nunez co-owns ‘Ridgeline Empire,’ a media corporation. It runs on subsidiaries of ‘Ink Skins and Upset Gentlemen’ and an animation studio. Two animated series ‘Hoodbrats’ and ‘Toothians’ were developed as of 2014.

Net Worth & Earnings:

The net worth of Chris Nunez is $8 million. Most of Chris Nunez’s wealth comes from his entrepreneurship. Chris Nunez co-owns two tattoo shops and a clothing line. Chris makes millions from the shops and as a tattoo artist. Chris Nunez earns as salary per episode for appearing in television reality shows. These include TLC’s ‘Miami Ink’ and Spike TV’s ‘Ink Master.’ Other sources of income include the release of animations by his co-owned media corporation called ‘Ridgeline Empire.’

Chris Nunez co-owns the Miami club called ‘Love Hate Lounge’ where he enjoys partying with friends.