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Chelsea Houska Net Worth

Chelsea Houska Net Worth 2020

Chelsea Houska is a reality TV star of TV series ’16 and pregnant’ and MTV series ‘Teen Mom 2’. She had a difficult time after her pregnancy at the age of 16. She went to labour five weeks earlier and gave birth to a baby girl. Here is a quick summary of net worth, career and earnings of Chelsea Houska in 2020.

Early Life and Biography:

Chelsea Houska Net Worth 2020

Chelsea Houska was born on 9th August 1991 at Vermillion, South Dakota to Randy and Mary Houska. Her father is a dentist, and she has three elder sisters. She became pregnant by her boyfriend, Adam Lind. She had a difficult pregnancy as she had to go through Braxton Hicks contractions.

Her baby came five weeks earlier, and her boyfriend did not support her at this crucial juncture when she needed him most. She had the full support of her family. She studied cosmetology and earned her GED in November 2013. She took admission in a beauty school and also got a part-time job in a salon.

Personal Life:

Chelsea Houska’s family supported her during her first pregnancy when her boyfriend refused to accept the baby. Her eldest sister Melissa babysat her while she pursued her studies in her school. She had a close-knit family who helped her in every way to cope with her motherhood despite her parent’s divorce.

Chelsea Houska began dating Cole DeBoer, and they got married on October 2016. She was blessed with her second baby with DeBoer and is presently a mother for her three kids-one son and two daughters.

Career, Awards, and Nominations:

Chelsea Houska courted fame when she appeared in Reality TV series ’16 and pregnant’ second season on MTV. After this, she featured in ‘Teen Mom 2’. In this show, she is shown as a health and fitness expert talking on motherhood issues and her pre and post pregnancy hardships.

Chelsea Houska is a GED holder and a certified beautician. She has a huge following on social media with 4.2 million followers on Instagram and 1.6 million followers on Twitter.

Chelsea Houska has also started a lifestyle blog to write about motherhood, make-up, skin care and other related topics. She has also taken up a fashion project by launching a line of beanies.

Net Worth and Earnings:

Chelsea Houska’s net worth is estimated to be $200 thousand. Her earnings come from her roles in Reality TV series ‘16 and pregnant’ and ‘Teen Mom 2’. Her fashion project launching a line of beanies and her work as a certified beautician and hair stylist adds to her earnings.

Chelsea Houska had many problems related to her early motherhood which disturbed her education. Also, her boyfriend Adam Lind showed little interest in their child. She did not get disheartened by these setbacks and went on bravely to be a good mother to her child and continued her studies with the support of her family. She completed her education without a break.

She confidently moved ahead to pursue her career in TV reality shows with distinction and brought her life on track to achieve her celebrity status.