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Butch Gilliam Net Worth (no record)

Butch Gilliam Net Worth 2020

Butch Gilliam is a popular reality television star from the United States. He is best known for appearing in ‘West Texas Investors Club’ on CNBC. He has successfully appeared in the show since 2015 along with Mike ‘Rooster’ McConaughey. Gilliam is the owner of Patriot Premium Threading Services. He has also appeared in ‘The Man from Rio Grande’ and ‘Call for Fire’. Here is a quick summary of net worth, career and earnings of Butch Gilliam in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Butch Gilliam Net Worth 2020

Wayne ‘Butch’ Gilliam’s date of birth is not known. There are no details about his parents. However, it has been reported that he was born in Odessa, Texas.

There is also no information about his educational details as well as about the details of his family life.

It has been reported that he dropped out of high school when he was fifteen years old.

Career, Awards & Nominations

After dropping out of school, Butch Gilliam used to work in ‘Curley’ which is a machine shop. In there he was assigned to keep the shop clean and used to sweep the floors. The shop belonged to his father, and he was later promoted to a machinist.

By working hard, Gilliam was soon named as the president of the business. He gained quite an experience by getting employed in his father’s shop. Later, he used the money in other business ventures.

In 2015, he teamed up with Rooster McConaughey, who is the brother of actor Matthew McConaughey to start the show ‘West Texas Investors Club’. The duo used to host the show on CNBC.

The show received good reviews and successfully completed two seasons. The first season had eight episodes and the second season comprised of ten episodes. The duo invested a sum of $1.97 million in the first season of the show.

Additionally, he has also done other business ventures and owns the Patriot Premium Threading Services. In 2017, Gilliam appeared in ‘Call for Fire’. In 2018, he starred in the movie ‘The Man from Rio Grande’. He is also all set to appear in the reality TV series called ‘Rooster & Butch’ along with Rooster McConaughey and Gil Prather.

Awards & Achievements

Butch Gilliam has not been bestowed with any award in his career. His biggest career feat is to be a successful reality television star and appear on CNBC’s ‘West Texas Investors Club’. He is also a successful businessperson and very active in his profession. He has all the potential to grab an award someday.

Net Worth & Earnings

The estimated net worth of Ken Curtis is more than $180 million. The reality TV star made this mammoth fortune by working as a businessman. He has invested a huge sum of money in the first season of the show ‘West Texas Investors Club’. His popularity also made him appear in other shows. He is also a very successful businessman and owns the Patriot Premium Threading Services.

Ken Curtis is popular reality TV star in the USA. He had a very successful life despite dropping out of high school. He can increase his wealth as well as his popularity in the coming years as he still continues to work hard in different ventures.


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