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Big Chief Net Worth

Big Chief Net Worth 2020

Big Chief is a well-known television personality as well as a street racer. He commenced his career since his childhood through which he used a normal bike just from the interest he had in watching the street racing. Here is a quick summary of net worth, career, and earnings of Big Chief in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Big Chief Net Worth 2020

Big Chief was born on 9th December in 1980 in Rolling hills of Louisville Kentucky. His actual birth name is Justin Shearer. They moved together with the family in Oklahoma where he spent most of his early childhood time. He learned to ride while he was at the age of 9 years and had much interest in his career through watching street racing which was usually held along the area of Oklahoma City. Additionally, he has also transformed a new car which is known as ‘The Crow’ which has been one of his greatest projects and making it move faster than its standard speed.

Personal Life

Big Chief tied knots with Alicia while at the age of 18 years. During this time, Big Chief used to work in a gas station on a full time basis. Together with Alicia, they have two children.

Career, Awards & Achievements

Big Chief commenced his career at a very young age through which he participated in OKC Street Racing while at the age of 9 years. During this time, he was the only child who participated in this competition that gave him an outstanding experience. He purchased his first racing car that was nicknamed ‘The Crow’ in 1972 which was a customized Pontiac LeMans. This made him get much interest in the sport, and he used it all through his racing career despite its age. He recently transformed it into highest twin turbo GTO.

Following his success in the racing career, he was offered an opportunity as a television personality in the Midwest Street Cars in which he was featured in a Discovery reality Television Series which started being aired in 2013. This reality show came up with 9 seasons of the Street Outlaws and has had 88 episodes. It is produced by the Pilgrim Studio which also has other programs such as American Chopper, Fast N’ Loud, Dirty Jobs, and Ghost Hunters.

Chief’s car contains different features as those of the Pontiac big block motor, tires which have 10.5 and latest racepak wiring. In addition to this, Big Chiefs has also worked in the Cars Automotive office which is located in Midwest as well as selling memorabilia in the Oklahoma City. He has had many achievements in his career as well as gained much popularity as a television personality. He has been featured in the top ten list of a best street car racer.

Net Worth & Earnings

Big Chief has an estimated net worth of $3 Million. This comes from the earnings he has made all through his career life. He has played in the OKC street racing with the use of his great car. In addition to this, he has also been featured in some Cars automotive offices as well as a television personality giving him many earnings towards his high net worth.

Following his love from his childhood, Big Chief has had much success which he surely has enjoyed all through his life. He spent most of his early childhood in watching the street racing which contributed highly in giving him the passion in his professional career.