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Amber Portwood Net Worth

Amber Portwood Net Worth 2020

Do you remember the lead of the reality TV series ‘16 & Pregnant’? Yes, the Television star Amber Portwood. Some might even recognize her as the actress in Teen Mom, the spin-off series. Let us dig deeper into her life to know more about the career and net worth of Amber Portwood in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Amber Portwood Net Worth 2020

On 14th May 1990 Amber took birth into the household of Shawn Portwood Senior and Tonya Portwood. She has an elder brother named Shawn Portwood Junior. Amber could have lived a happy life but, somehow she messed it up because of her misjudgments.

She didn’t have much interest in learning, and so after high school, there is hardly any information on her education field. She became pregnant while she was at high school which prompted her to drop out of it. Later she thought of chasing her dreams to become an actress and acquire glory.

Personal Life

Portwood’s own life is a story of a girl with too many ups and downs in her life and very few healthy advisers to guide her towards success. She was in a relationship with Gary Shirley when she was in high school. It was a shock for her when she realised that she was pregnant in her 18 years with Gary’s child. By 2012 she was convicted of various illegal actions and crimes due to which she was sentenced to jail.

She was mainly found a drug addict and physically abusive towards Gary. Thankfully she was released only after 17 months for being very good at her behaviour and was saved from her five-year sentence. Before this she was engaged to Gary and their daughter Leah Leann Shirley was born in 2008 on 12th November. Due to Amber’s criminal records, Gary was given full custody of Leah.

Later in 2014 Amber met Matt Bier, a DJ by profession. They dated for some time till August 2017 and broke up. Finally, she reached her present boyfriend Andrew Glennon, a cinematographer living in California and is engaged. They have announced the birth of James, their son, to be very soon.

Career, Awards & Nominations

In 2008 she first stepped into the world of acting, and her very first work was ’16 & Pregnant’. It was her first chance as a television show starrer, and instantly she became a well-known face among the viewers. She had skills in acting, but after doing the spin-off ‘Teen Mom’, she didn’t pursue her career as an actor any more. Currently, she is a boutique shop owner and happy with her life.

Net Worth & Earnings

Her net worth is about $20 thousand mainly generated from her short acting career. Though she earned a lot previously, she has no saving habit leading to the reduction in her net worth. It is expected to rise higher now that she is doing well with her online boutique business.

Amber Portwood’s life is an example of how one can drive his or her growth towards betterment even after facing so many trials and tribulations in life.


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