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Adam Busby Net Worth

Adam Busby Net Worth 2020

Some people are just different in their own way. Adam Busby has ventured into a critical career. His source of fame is negative, unlike other celebrities. Who is Adam Busby? Adam Stuart Busby is a Scottish convicted terrorist and a famous malicious hoaxer. He rose to fame because of his claims that he made the famous Scottish National Liberation Army. Nevertheless, no proof can support that many years down the line. Read this article to discover the personal life, career, awards and the net worth of Adam Busby in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Adam Busby Net Worth 2020

Adam Stuart Busby was born in 1948. Busby’s exact date of birth is a mystery to the rest of the world. His mother and father are unknown. This Scottish terrorist does not have an education background. Busby formerly associated with the famous Scottish Liberation Army. Later, Adam got into the British Army. He stayed in the army training for a while. Busby learned all about the army in ArgyII and Sutherland Highlanders. That was where he learned all about the bomb managing that made him a terrorist.

Personal Life

Adam Busby has never publicly been known to be in a romantic relationship with any woman. However, it looks like a seed never falls far from the tree. Adam has a son called Adam Busby Jr. In the recent past that is 2009 May, his son was convicted of similar charges like that of his dad. He was sending suspicious packages to different places and people. One of the people who received these packages is Scottish National Party member, Alex Salmond.

Career, Awards, and Nominations

In 1983 there was a letter bomb saga in Scotland. There were anonymous letter bombs which were received by the top officials in Scotland and oil companies. Some essential people affected were Lady Diana Spencer and Margaret Thatcher, a prime minister. Thatcher’s package was opened by Robert Key who was by then a Scottish parliamentarian, but fortunately, there was no explosion. After this letter-bombing saga, Adam left for Dublin.

Busby later tried to join the Irish Army, but the offer was declined. From Dublin, he set up terrorist attacks. In 1997, due to media threats saga in Scotland, Busby landed in the Ireland jail. Nine years down the line, he sent threats via email to the BAA. However, all this turned out to be a prank. In 2010 he was sent to jail for four years for this crime. 2 years were cut short due to health complications and age. He later sent out bomb pranks to Pittsburgh. That caused his deportation to Dublin hostel. He was banned from internet connection as he waited for a verdict by the Scotland and US government.

Net Worth & Earnings

As of now, Adam Busby net worth is an estimated at $1 million.

Every celebrity chooses his line of fame. Adam Busby’s choice is not something people like and appreciate. However, he settled for this despite the damages it can cause to him and the people. That teaches people to think critically to make wiser decisions.


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